The World Most Expensive Blu-ray Player

26 Feb 2008  2 Comments


Goldmund are know for their overpriced products, but when I saw the price tag on this player I thought it was a joke. I mean $17000 for a BD player, that’s more expensive than some cars. And it doesn’t look that cool either.

via CNET

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  • Bashar

    I think the price just makes it tempting for rich or show-off people, and eventually you wont get much out of it. I saw yesterday a 400 KD Blu-Ray player as well at Virgin.

    I asked the guy what does it have? He said Blu-Ray that’s it!
    “So PS3 is better then?” He said yes!

  • The Gadgeteer

    And over-priced stuff is normal here in Kuwait, just imagine bringing that thing here in Eureka or Virgin! It won’t be less than 6000/7000 KD, damn.


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