Watching My TV From Abroad

15 Apr 2009  2 Comments

As I’m in San Diego, and the US are not a big fan of Football. So I’m forced to look for alternatives.

I’m used to using my Slingbox to stream my home receiver to me anywhere in the world. The technology is called “placeshifting“.

The concept is really simple, hooking up a box to any A/V device and connecting it to your router so that you can stream that device to you via a PC or mobile device (WM phones, Blackberry and Symbian devices- iphone coming soon) either locally or via the internet.


I’ve been using the slingbox for 3 years now, and I can’t believe it hasn’t caught up in Kuwait as I expected. There isn’t a place that sells it even here in Kuwait.


Anyway the setup is not very complicated for the regular user, some port forwarding and selecting the type hardware you connected to the slingbox.

The other option is where you can watch a selection of events, either via WMP or you have to download other software. But it’s a nice backup to have.

On another note, while I was watching today’s UCL matches and after Manchester United won the match, the arabic commentator was screaming “loory loory man united, loory loory man united” I guess what he meant was “glory glory man united” he made me LOL.

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  • Bashar

    Heard quite a lot about it. I don’t have much need for it now, and I’ve exceeded my budget times and times, got me popcorn hour recently :). But I need to keep it in mind.

    Is it fast and reliable?

    I’ll add it to Amazon Universal Wishlist :D

  • N

    hey Bashar
    It depends. In a local network it’s pretty good, from abroad it all about the upload bandwidth but as you can see from the pictures it’s very usable I would say and get the job done


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