Android Netbook

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This is something new, its been rumored for a while now that the Android OS will make its way to the big leagues.

Today at COPUTEX, ARM showed off a demo unit (that looked like ASUS 1008ha) that got their new 1GHz Snapdragon super-chip that is capable of running HD video without breaking a sweat, along with built-in 3G/WWAN/GPS.

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Top Gear Celebrity Track Times

1 Jun 2009  2 Comments

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We all know that Simon Cowell is the fastest celebrity on Top Gear, but recently have been knocked by Jay Kay. but what about the others?

This list shows the celebrities, track time, car and video of their lap.


Reminder: E3 Starts in A Few Hours [UPDATED]

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E3 will kickoff in a few hours, starting with Microsoft’s Press Conference at 10:30AM local (8:30pm Kuwait Time).

And the followed by Nintendo’s press conference tomorrow at 9AM local (7pm K time) and the final big press conference will be Sony’s at 11AM (9pm K time) on Tuesday.

You can watch these press conferences at Gamespot.

UPDATE: I’m having problems with Gamespot, but IGN work just fine

More info at E3insider

New Look

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New Look.jpg

Changed the look, fixed some broken posts and added some functionality.

Hope you like it.

The New PSP Go

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A few days before E3, Sony screws up and the June Qore episode is all over the internet showing the new PSP.

The new PSP is nothing to get too exited about its just a little smaller design with slide-out controls, Still one analog stick (damn), what looks like same processor too so that the games will be compatible with older PSP modules as they are going to co-exist (according to the video).

The Biggest thing about the PSPGo is the built-in 16GB memory and still have a memory slot.

PSP cartman.jpg

Pets Are Not Allowed

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Pets are not allowed.jpg

This is a very funny.



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