Fast Food World Records in Kuwait

3 Jun 2009  No Comments

The Kuwait Food Company ‘Americana’, the largest food company in the Middle East, entered the Guinness Book of Records with three new records, making Americana the first company in the Middle East to achieve this feat in the food sector, particularly in the catering sector on a global level.

Longest Burger line, heaviest bucket of fried chicken and biggest box of doughnuts were broken.

Thats Some Catch

3 Jun 2009  2 Comments

Hammerhead II.jpg

Just got this by email, This old man seems to have caught a Hammerhead Shark using that boat with no other tools visible. I’m no fishing expert by a long shot, but how the hell did he get it in the boat? any thoughts bo Faisal?

Check out the gallery for more pics.

Thanks Nasser

Drag Me To Hell – Movie Review

3 Jun 2009  No Comments

Drag Me To Hell.jpg

Horror movies tend to be bad by nature. But sometimes you get a really nice horror movie like The Ring for instance.

Drag Me TO Hell I think belongs in the same category, saw it today and I really enjoyed it (for a horror movie).

Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆ 

Star Wars: The Old Republic

3 Jun 2009  No Comments

The first cinematic trailer of the most anticipated MMO game of the year is released, and it’s breathtaking.

Can’t wait for its release.


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