My Red Eye Flight

16 Jun 2009  No Comments

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I booked the red-eye out of San Diego to NY, the timing would be very good as I will arrive there early morning. The flight would depart San Diego INTERNATIONAL airport at 10pm and arrive at JFK airport at 7am and I would have the whole day ahead of me.

The problem was that my plane was coming from another destination (I don’t recall where) and it was late taking off from there, it arrived 45 mins late (10:45) and it was full of passengers.

So as soon as the aircraft landed they announced that they (Delta Airline Crew) are going to need are help to make the flight, “we have 30 minutes to clean the aircraft and get you on-board and close the gate” apparently because of the 11:30pm curfew the airport had the latest was 11:15 for an airplane to close it’s gate and be pushed-back. If we didn’t make it in time the flight would be canceled and we would be sent home and wait for the next flight that was 12 hours later and almost fully booked already.

The plane parked at the gate and the previous passengers looked like they were pushed off the plane and had a confused look on there faces. But that wasn’t my problem, I wanted to get on that plane. They changed crew and cleaned the aircraft in less than 5 mins. We started boarding – hectically at 10:55. I was in my seat at 11:10. The crew were all over the plane with arms flailing trying to stow the luggage in the over-head compartments.

It was 11:15 and we still haven’t pushed back so non of us new are we going to make it or not.

Finally at 11:18 the plane started to move and the crew told us that we OK, we are going to make it. That was one hell of a relief.


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