Augmented Reality

18 Jun 2009  No Comments

In the last few days there was a lot of news of augmented reality. Augment reality is not somthing new at all, but it looks like its getting more as mainstream and also cooler.

AR Browser:

I actually blogged about this in ’07, NTT DOCOMO of japan was showing it’s vision of the 4G network.

But now it’s being released checkout the video

By utilizing the camera, gps and compass, you can get a lot more information than the naked eye and faster than the conventional browser.

AR Gaming:

We’ve seen this in the PlaystationEye, Nokia even had a game using this concept back in ’07 or even ’06. But this video is just awesome.

The demo device is using NVIDIA’s Tegra processor, this is the rumored processor to be powering the ZUNE HD. If true, it would really trump the iPod Touch in the gaming department.

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