Top Upcoming Xbox 360 Games Of 2009

25 Jun 2009  1 Comment

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Since we are almost half way through of 2009, and having E3 ending with some great news. It’s a good time to make a this list.

I will also do a PS3 list soon. Most of the games are multi-platform anyway.

Games are sorted by release date:

Batman: Arkham Asylum

(August 25, 2009) PS3/360

Lets face it, super hero games always sucked. But Batman: Arkham Asylum is on its way to be the best superhero based game ever released (thats not a very high bar to start with) but using the Unreal 3 Engine looks a very good choice for this game.

Halo 3: ODST

(September 22, 2009) Xbox 360 Exclusive

Halo 3: Recon, billed as a prequel to Bungie’s best-selling Halo 3, tells the story from a new perspective.

Since there isn’t any decent competition in the 1st person genre during this period. Halo 3: ODST will be your only choice. Unless games like Singularity turns out to be a hit.

Just Cause 2

(September 30, 2009) PS3/360

I never played the original Just Cause, but after seeing some game play from Just cause 2, I’m definitely getting it.

Dragon Age: Origins

(October 20, 2009) PS3/360

Inspired by “realistic” modern fantasy like George R. R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones, Bioware’s Dragon Age uses an evolved 3D tactical real-time combat system in a deep role-playing game with large-scale creature combat. Dragon Age uses the same branching conversation system as Bioware’s Mass Effect and offers multiple different “origin stories,” resulting in a unique game depending on which character archetype you choose.

Tekken 6

(October 27, 2009) PS3/360

Every list should have at least 1 fighting game, and Tekken 6 is my choice for this list.

Forza Motor Sport 3

(October 31, 2009) Xbox 360 Exclusive

The third installment of Microsoft’s popular racing franchise arrives with Forza Motorsport 3. This installment promises at least 400 cars and 100 tracks.

And because Xbox 360 owners wont be getting GT5. FMS3 is a very very solid choice.

Bioshock 2

(November 3, 2009) PS3/360

BioShock 2, the sequel to the immensely popular survival-horror first-person shooter (Bioshock) is a must have game for sure. Anyone who played the 1st game will tell you it one of the best 1st person shooter games ever.

The Saboteur

(November 3, 2009) PS3/360

An open sandbox game in WWII Paris.

You play the role of Sean as he tries to seek revenge against the Nazi soldiers who murdered his friends. Pandemic’s The Saboteur is not your traditional World War II based game.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

(November 10, 2009) PS3/360

Nuff said.

Assassins Creed II

(November 17, 2009) PS3/360

backdrop of a Renaissance Italy. Ezio befriends Leonardo da Vinci, takes on Florence’s most powerful families and ventures throughout the canals of Venice where he learns to become a master assassin. This game retains the core gameplay experience that made the first opus a resounding success and features new experiences that will surprise and challenge players.

Left 4 Dead 2

(November 17, 2009) Xbox 360 Exclusive

This is the follow up for Left 4 Dead, the best multiplayer game of the year -2008. so it should be good.

More zombies more weapons more people (5 vs 4 the previous version).

Splinter Cell Conviction

(November 30, 2009) Xbox 360 Exclusive

The adventures of Sam Fisher continue in the fifth entry of the stealth-based series. In this game, all of the rules have changed, as the storyline takes a dramatic turn that will reinvent the Splinter Cell franchise forever. Fisher can no longer rely on his trusted bag of tools and iconic goggles.An investigation into his daughter’s death unwittingly leads former agent Sam Fisher to discover he’s been betrayed by his prior agency, the Third Echelon. Now a renegade, Fisher finds himself in a race against time to thwart a deadly terrorist plot that threatens millions.


(November 30, 2009) PS3/360

A witch with powers beyond the comprehension of mere mortals, Bayonetta faces-off against countless angelic enemies, many reaching epic proportions, in a game of 100% pure, unadulterated all-out action. Outlandish finishing moves are performed with balletic grace as Bayonetta flows from one fight to another. With magnificent over-the-top action taking place in stages that are a veritable theme park of exciting attractions, Bayonetta pushes the limits of the action genre, bringing to life its fast-paced, dynamic climax combat.

So she’s like a female version of Dante.

Max Payne 3

(November 30, 2009) PS3/360

Since leaving the NYPD and New York itself behind, Max has drifted from bad to worse. Double-crossed and a long way from home, Max is now trapped in a city full of violence and bloodshed, using his weapons and instincts in a desperate search for the truth and a way out.

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