Google Voice

22 Jul 2009  No Comments

Google Voice Invite.jpg

It looks that Google just sent out another patch of invites to their Google Voice service. Got my invite today, I really wanted to try this out when I was in the states. Darn

If you haven’t heard of Google Voice, Check out this video:

And no you can’t use it in Kuwait

Google Voice Kuwait.jpg

Weekly Posts

22 Jul 2009  No Comments

Planing to do 2 weekly posts, not sure witch day each will be but thats just a heads-up the 2 new post are:

Badliya of the week:

Badliya Of The Week.jpg

This will be converted to a widget in maybe a month, showing the to 5 badliyat.

Retro Gamer:

Retro Gamer Banner.jpg

Will be taking a look at vintage games and consoles, and reviewing old games if I can manage to play them for at least an hour without getting board out of my mind.


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