Do You Know What Time It Is … !?

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I said do you know what time it is ?!

It’s …. just watch the video

I just love this video :)

Schumacher is Back

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Schumacher & Massa

In what can only be music to Ferrari fans’ ears, the seven-time World Champion in coming back to stand in for the injured Massa for the rest of the season. Subject to passing a medical, the 40-year-old German will return at the European Grand Prix in Valencia on Aug 23. Schumacher has made it clear that he is stepping in only to help the team for which he won five of his titles and, in particular, Massa with whom he struck up a close friendship during their 2006 season driving for the Italian team.

On related news, Massa is now out of ICU and according to his doctors he can ‘speak, sit upright and was even able to take his first steps’ and in the right direction for a full recovery.

My HTC Hero Has Shipped

30 Jul 2009  3 Comments

My HTC Hero Shipped.jpg

Exactly one month after pre-ordering the HTC Hero, it has finally shipped and on it’s way. I’m expecting it next Monday/Tuesday. Will post as soon as I get it.

I ordered the HTC Hero from Expansys, I was charged a total of £371.77 which is about KD175, Thats including shipping to Kuwait. And I think I get a £30 voucher, which makes the total almost KD160, Thats a KD120 cheaper than the 16 GB iPhone 3GS that I’m trying to talk everybody I know out of upgrading to it, especially if you own an iPhone 3G, because it makes no sense.

This is the first internationally released Android phone, which means that it should do very well, and we should see a larger adoption rate and also see more apps made for it.

I’ll do a review if it’s worth the hype after I spend a few days with the phone.

Badliya Of The Week – Week 2

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Badliya Of The Week.jpg

This Weeks Badliya is:

حكم جسّم ريله عضْلة

What he meant to say was:

الحكم إمجسّم، ريله إمعضْلة


Heard it with my own ears

Zero Punctuation – Wii Sports Resort

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I really watch Zero Punctuation reviews regularly, and I like how accurate they are.


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