Badliya Of The Week – Week 2

30 Jul 2009  3 Comments

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This Weeks Badliya is:

حكم جسّم ريله عضْلة

What he meant to say was:

الحكم إمجسّم، ريله إمعضْلة


Heard it with my own ears

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  • DVLz

    Well this is kinda weird since the entire sentence is wrong and my conclusion would be:

    1) The person who said it was talking really fast
    2) You heard it wrong unless someone else can confirm
    3) The person who said it must be persian

    Usually when someone says something wrong maybe 2 words at most that are wrong unless he has too much saliva in his mouth and can’t pronounce words properly.

    Guess i’m better than Gregory House when it comes up to theories :P

    BTW what happened to ur to-do-list?

    • Triple-A

      i can also confirm i have been around the culprit and have seen him in action, and this is all in a day’s work, the best is yet to come!

  • N

    hey DVLz:
    Both Heema and Zidaneoo can confirm the badliya. The guy who said this badliya (and will be the owner of much more future badliyas) always talks very fast, has alot of saliva in his mouth and has no real knowledge of the arabic language. Let me be clear, he is a Kuwaiti, studied in government schools and all his friends are Kuwaitis, I know him personally, and most of his sentences are wrong, as you will see in later posts.

    I concur, you are better han Gregory House when it comes up to theories, You really have put some thought into this :)

    I know I told you I will post about my PC peripherals and the rest of my to do list, I hope I will get it done this weekend, I just waited for my keyboard that arrived last week but didn’t get to install it till today.


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