Simple Pleasures

2 Aug 2009  No Comments

Hobby, profession, work, fun … etc

There is a different level of pleasure in all of them for every person, last night I was thinking to myself what shoots my pleasure up high while doing it ?

I simply see it as follows:

1- Too good at it.

2- Too good for somebody else that you care for.

3- Just meant to be (naturally godly induced desires).

4- If you have absolutely no pleasure in doing something then you can teach yourself (trick your psyche part of your brain) to love it, just smile and say “WOOOW that was AWESOME” !

All what I have previously said was an introduction to say, “Yesterday, myself & N waited Two & Half hours just to play football for 2 hours a week in September & October” !!

though we thought we came early, 30 people were before us ! how early do we need to come to be the 1st to have a number ?


Now why can’t Youth & Sports Association (elhayaa) provide more facilities for this one highly desired pleasure, let’s say in every school and be opened for the public. With all the millions spent on whatever and the millions stolen by whoever, why not help us to steer our youth away from forbidden pleasures toward a healthy bright future, not just for sports but all kind of things.

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