It’s the Cream of the Fight!

3 Aug 2009  9 Comments


Has anyone noticed how badass the lyrics of eye of the tiger are? Obviously no one in this day and age can pull it off without either laughing or smirking. But when this song came out in Rocky and was unleashed to the world it became the anthem for every comeback. Whether it be Michael Jordan in sports or George Bush, Jr. in the White House. Continue Reading

In Memory of 02/08/1990

3 Aug 2009  1 Comment

This date will never be forgotten by people who have lived through the horrific invasion of Kuwait, the following video clip will bring back some memories from that time.


Let’s hope that we will never see such times again and hope for the end of all suffering in the whole world.

iPhone 3.0.1 Update

3 Aug 2009  9 Comments


So Apple released the new update for the iPhone yesterday, 3.0.1. You will download about 280MB of action packed updates which will increase the speed of your iPhone, make browsing faster, allow background Apps to work, and prolong battery life…… NOT!

This update will patch up some vulnerability issue in the SMS’s that no one has ever heard of. So basically you will waste about 30 mins using a 2MB connection to download and install a worthless amount of data. Why can’t Apple do this in a more reasonable manner, lets say 10mb or 20mb maximum? Get your act together Steve Jobs!


Growing Pains

3 Aug 2009  4 Comments


Have you noticed how kids, especially boys, go into different stages while growing up during the first 2 years. From birth to the first 6 months there is barely any kind of connection with the baby as they have no reaction and are mostly unaware of whats going on. But from 6 months on to a year, a relationship starts to solidfy and develop. You get excited about getting back home to play with him, he is cute and does funny things while making everyone smile. You enjoy carrying him on your shoulders and when you’re out he sits politely in his high chair. Then we get to the next stage from 12-18 months, as you can see im doing the stages the same way they label the baby clothes. At this point your angel of a son wants to rip the keys off your laptop, fiddle endlessly with your phone, and shove dvds into your media center, or in my case, the cordless phone into the subwoofer as well. Sitting at his high chair in a restaraunt is a difficult task if he is not hungry, and he regularly wants to stroll around and investigate. He still makes you laugh but is becoming stubborn and needs to be kept in check, but how?? Then we reach the stage of “toddler puberty”, from 18 months to 24 months. Now, he will smack you and everyone around if he doesnt get his way. He will pat you down to search you for your iPhone so he can unlock it and play with the Handgun App, even when you downloaded iTot Cards so he can learn with flash cards on your phone. Try and take him to cut his hair, he will instantly turn into the Tasmanian Devil and whirlwind his way through whoever stands in his way. As a father, sometimes you worry. But throughout, the answer given when you ask, “what do I do with him”? is “dont worry he is a boy, they are always like that and will grow out of it”. So until then, we just have to wait and see.


Good luck to all of you with boys starting to buy clothes labeled 12-18 months and onward.

Which Smart Phone to Buy?

3 Aug 2009  7 Comments


I have been wanting to upgrade from my iPhone 3G to another smartphone for the past 3 months but I’m having alot of trouble selecting something.

1)  Do I go for the iPhone 3GS, or is it not worth the bother and upgrade?  

Probability of purchase : 90%

2) Do I wait for the Palm Pre GSM version, or could it be too long a wait?  

 Probablitiy of purchase : 70%

3) Do I get the HTC Hero, or is it just another good, but unspectacular Android phone? 

Probability of purchase : 50% 

4) Do I splash out on a tried and test Nokia N97, or is the Symbian platform just too unreliable?

 Probability of Purchase : 20%

5) Do I dive into the Blackberry madness entourage, or is it just a phase and really a business oriented phone that is misused in Kuwait?  

 Probability of purchase : 35%


The Ultimate Gaming Machine

3 Aug 2009  4 Comments


We have heard of all the retro gaming consoles from N. and how he is always talking about the nintendo’s, sega’s, atari’s etc.. But what he does not know is that people like me skipped a couple of generations of megadrives and nintendo’s because we owned the Amiga!  Personally I owned the compact Amiga 600, but the classic and most common one was the 500 pictured above.  The games at the time were incomparable to any other gaming platform, whether it was graphics or playability. Lets take a walk down memory lane… Continue Reading


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