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3 Aug 2009  4 Comments


We have heard of all the retro gaming consoles from N. and how he is always talking about the nintendo’s, sega’s, atari’s etc.. But what he does not know is that people like me skipped a couple of generations of megadrives and nintendo’s because we owned the Amiga!  Personally I owned the compact Amiga 600, but the classic and most common one was the 500 pictured above.  The games at the time were incomparable to any other gaming platform, whether it was graphics or playability. Lets take a walk down memory lane…


The Kick-Off series was what revolutionised the amiga as a football fan’s dream come true.  Before their time, the game action, uniforms, team and player names and swerving of the ball were unheard of in football games. Kick-Off is what kicked started where we are today with Winning Eleven/PES and FIFA.


Sensible Soccer was the successor to Kick-Off, they took the same style of game play but slowed it down to a more realistic pace, added better graphics and used more detail. The emergence of Sensible Soccer coincided with the surprising and rapid dissappearance of Kick-Off.


Zool was Amiga’s answer to Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario.  Amazingly fun gameplay, but like all the other games were overshadowed by the Kick-Off and Sensible Soccer series.


Lemmings was a weird concept of weird animals that are supposedly real, one of those basic games that are very addictive and fun to play.  Lemmings was a favorite of many and was voted best game many times during its reign on the Amiga platform.


What do you get when you take Prince of Persia to the future? Thats right, Another World.  Anyone who enjoyed Prince of Persia will in no doubt have enjoyed and been in awe with the graphics and gameplay in Another World. For the time this game was released the graphics, and realstic elements of the game were unheard of. Another game to suffer from the all conquering football fanatics.

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  • TripleA Jr.

    Sensi Soccer ! You always used to kick my ass in that game. . . . Just like everything else !

    • Triple-A

      hehe yeah it’s a hard knock life junior!

  • bo-shaikha

    i used to enjoy kick off no doubt… but some of my other favourites were:

    sim city
    police quest (all parts)
    Monkey island
    days of the tentacle ( think that was the name)
    test drive

    sure there were many more…. great machine thanks for reminding us of life with the amiga..

    • Triple-A

      hehe the amiga was the best ever, you’re right i know there were some games i forgot. they went crazy with the SIM’s series as well.


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