Yarmouk what?!!

5 Aug 2009  9 Comments


Yesterday I was reading the newspaper (It’s been a while) starting with the sports section (obviously :)) and I came across this which made me throw it away … the question is: why in hell didn’t anyone notice it?? The coach (he’s Czech, maybe that’s why) … the team (yeah right) …. the newspaper that decided to go with this picture!!! You judge. [Al-Watan]

N: this maybe a contender for Badliyah of the week I guess :)

Are Dentist’s Real Doctor’s?

5 Aug 2009  79 Comments


As i noticed from the comments the past few days is that there is alot of animosity towards dentists. Is it because they are not real doctors? or are they real doctors? or is that they pretend to be doctors so well that we think they are doctors? Either way, i googled around earlier to find that there are so many sites and blogs bashing dentists for being doctors! and in return there are hundreds of sites of poor dentists explaining why they should be doctors and even that they have a harder job than real doctors.(like we are going to believe that) ok im just kidding, i dont want any dentists to get mad at me. i found an interesting article in one site with an excerpt from The Independent which said :

Dr Douglas Pike – the General Dental Council’s decision to permit use of the title is effective immediately – said that his sole aim was to bring Britain into “harmony” with the rest of the world. Dr Pike, who practises in Sudbury, Suffolk, said: “We are primary healthcare workers just like GPs. We prescribe drugs, take biopsies and X-rays, and our training is very similar.”
The Independent


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iPhone App of the Week

5 Aug 2009  2 Comments


Truveo is an App available at  theiTunes store for free (mr carwash will enjoy that) for the iPhone and iPod touch. It’s basically a video search engine. Continue Reading


Horizon Travel

Al-Falah Car Wash




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