Are Dentist’s Real Doctor’s?

5 Aug 2009  79 Comments


As i noticed from the comments the past few days is that there is alot of animosity towards dentists. Is it because they are not real doctors? or are they real doctors? or is that they pretend to be doctors so well that we think they are doctors? Either way, i googled around earlier to find that there are so many sites and blogs bashing dentists for being doctors! and in return there are hundreds of sites of poor dentists explaining why they should be doctors and even that they have a harder job than real doctors.(like we are going to believe that) ok im just kidding, i dont want any dentists to get mad at me. i found an interesting article in one site with an excerpt from The Independent which said :

Dr Douglas Pike – the General Dental Council’s decision to permit use of the title is effective immediately – said that his sole aim was to bring Britain into “harmony” with the rest of the world. Dr Pike, who practises in Sudbury, Suffolk, said: “We are primary healthcare workers just like GPs. We prescribe drugs, take biopsies and X-rays, and our training is very similar.”
The Independent


I think there is a sound of desperation in his tone, but you know you always here stories of a person saying how the dentist had drilled a hole in his mouth, you would think its all just exaggerated from the pain, but as you can see below there is evidence popping up around the world which proves the malpractice is taking place.


But dont worry, the above picture is taken in China, and the culprit doctor, i mean dentist is now fleeing to Macau.

Back to the subject. So if a dentist is a doctor, does that mean a chiropracter is a doctor? is an acupuncturist a doctor now? is that pakistani guy who massages you after you cut your hair now a doctor as well? he does the same work as a chiropracter, who has the same right to be a doctor as a dentist doesnt he/she?

Of the other stories you hear as well are things like “my dentist doesnt know anything about anything, its like a monkey is checking up on me” . or something on the line of  “that dentist smells like a monkey”. Well i know this will surprise you all but the picture below was taken in the US, and it shows a monkey actually checking on a womens teeth. But it is actually a dentist not a monkey, its just that we started seeing things differently now. Is it a stereotype or just true?


And believe it or not, the lady with huge teeth is being sued by the monkey, i mean dentist, for not calling him doctor!

What was the dentist doing in Panama?…Looking for the Root Canal

In one serious dental blog i read about a guy defending dentistry by saying performing a root canal is just as complicated as open heart surgery. i can understand that. *cough* bullshit* . No seriously im sure a root canal is pretty hard, but open heart surgery? i was thinking on the same degree as an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor checking you with his stethoscope and wooden plank thing he puts in your mouth.

Have you ever been to the dentist and he/she told you anything besides :

1) your teeth are messed up because you dont brush them

2) you have really bad teeth because you dont mouthwash and brush them

3) you have nasty teeth because you dont floss, mouthwash, and brush them



“Happiness is your dentist telling you it won’t hurt and then having him catch his hand in the drill.” Johnny Carson

In no way or form is this post meant to offend any hard working, God loving dentists, or any other real doctor. We are merely trying to get to the bottom of this and find a solution and a way for Doctor’s and Dentist’s of this world to live together in peace and harmony. Because until now, Israel and Palestine have a better chance of getting along.

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  • Dr. Samia Sethi

    dentisrty is a different profession altogether. being a “doctor” does not always mean being an md/mbbs.why do you have to mix up various aspects of health sciences? we are doctors who specialize in probs related to ur mouth…we hold a degree dts called “bachelor of dental surgery” and “doctor of dental surgery”  …well,u shud always get ur facts straight before blogging.

  • Dr. Samia Sethi

    n next time your tooth hurts…..or if its diseased….plz go to a gynaecologist for the treatment….oh wait! do u know gynaecologists are doctors? or did u think otherwise cuz he isnt a general physician?

  • Anonymous

    First of all, the term doctor is solely for educative purposes only. A mere title to signify you’ve done something in the academic world way more than a bachelors and more than masters.
    What do physicians, dentists, chiropractors, and that awkward biochemical professor have in common? Yep, they are all CALLED doctors.
    I really could care less about my prefix but you know who cared? The guy that only needed half his tongue respected and not his entire jaw because we diagnosed oral cancer on him and he saw his allopath 2 weeks before. Again, my title is nothing to me but a license to hang a very large diploma on my wall, however my education, continuing education, and experience is how people determine If we are the professional that best suits their needs. People who fight to make you recognize their titles have ego issues, and those people that fail to recognize something they know nothing about are ignorant.

  • anonymous

    dentists are better than anyone n yes there job needs courage . u wanna know why.. because we hold the guts to dig our hands and fingers in your oral cavity(mouth) where u yourself feel nasty n disgusting poking your fingers.
    i wish u suffer a tooth ache.. so that u realize how a simple tooth ache can disturb your nights sleep.. n so u realize the importance of dentist.. and then try it getting treated by a neurologist.. may be he can give you a treatment for your hypo-critic views if not for a tooth ache.

    • Med student

      If you’re saying a person that has a job which requires courage is better than anybody else then, wouldn’t a hunter be better than a dentist? Wouldn’t a circus lion tamer be better than a dentist? I don’t think so. Also, you say that we find it disgusting to poke our fingers in our mouths and that dentists have the guts to do those things for us? Why don’t you look at medical surgeons that literally dig their hands in our guts before posting some nonsense and saying dentists are better than anybody else.

  • The truth hurts

    If a dentist is a doctor, does that mean a chiropractor is a doctor? is
    an acupuncturist a doctor now? Dentists are NOT doctors. That’s it.


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