Yarmouk what?!!

5 Aug 2009  9 Comments


Yesterday I was reading the newspaper (It’s been a while) starting with the sports section (obviously :)) and I came across this which made me throw it away … the question is: why in hell didn’t anyone notice it?? The coach (he’s Czech, maybe that’s why) … the team (yeah right) …. the newspaper that decided to go with this picture!!! You judge. [Al-Watan]

N: this maybe a contender for Badliyah of the week I guess :)

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  • Q80 In Denver

    LoL Good eye catch!

  • http://uptill1.com N

    ha, it’s just like the WTF incident at alqabas .lol


    Zindaneoo: En7i6ha bl lista eli 3indina leash la?

  • Punky

    Our country is going to hell in a hand basket!

  • http://uptill1.com Triple-A

    maybe they meant “cocah cola”

  • Punky

    Maybe they meant Coca, as in the Coca leaves that make up cocaine. As Rick James said “cocaine is one helluva drug”

  • lol

    hahaa.. that’s soo funny

    by the way.. can anyone tell me where & how to rent a football “soccer” field in kuwait?

    • http://uptill1.com N

      There are many options,
      one of them is http://www.q8fields.com/ . They have an online booking system.
      Or you can visit the various football fields and book from there.

      • hey!

        thank you so much for the info. , but can you please tell me about places i can visit and book directly.. because it seems 2 be blocked 4 awhile on the site.

        here’s my address.. elbesto@hotmail.com

  • hey!

    come on!! pleease reply 2 me


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