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After the Cream of the Fight post a while back and the earlier post of Mr Kitco, i remembered a conversation i had with my brother about how for a 60 year old sylvester stallone was in the shape of his life. He pointed out to me though that in the last Rambo he never took his shirt off, and in Rocky during the boxing scene he did take his shirt off but pulled his trunks way up. Maybe he was hiding a beer belly and just worked on the other more obvious parts of his body? Wrong! The above picture of him in his latest movie The Expendables . The movie is featuring himself, jason statham, jet li and mickey rourke and seems like a decent line up for any action packed junkie.  Ok, now back to sly, as you can see no such things as ‘man boobs’ and beer belly found in his latest movie. We all know he has probably been taking every growth hormone, steroid and botox course known to man, but c’mon he is 62 years old at least give him credit for trying. Most people half his age (like me and you), look more like the funky hipster below than the bag of muscle above.


Well at least this guy has got the ‘fatty-muscle-pose’ on.

So who cares what he shoots in his arms or wherever he does shoot them. He is 62 years old and could pass as a 30 year old body builder, apart from the immovable facial expressions and huge jaw. So my message at least to our favorite action hero and (should be) Oscar winner Sly Stallone, keep shooting them up man.


UPDATE : it seems in one of the scenes in The Expendables which he battles “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Sylvester Stallone actually had a break in his neck. He needed a metal plate inserted for a hairline fracture. Check out the link below for the complete story as well as another time he “almost died” during the filming of Rocky IV in a fight scene with Dolph Lundgren.


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  • http://uptill1.com N

    Awal ma shift el photo, I thought you were talking about me dude. :)

  • M!

    Just because you have ripped abs and big muscles doesnt mean your healthy or we should admire the man. Look at Mr. Kitko he looks quite healthy but he has been killing himself slowly throughout the years with MSG that deadly chemical the Fake Dr. keeps talking about.

    • http://uptill1.com Triple-A

      thats a good point we should look into that, is MSG a banned steroid? hehe

    • burashed

      He reached 62 and u say killing him self !!!!! Ok

      • http://uptill1.com N

        hmmm, Fake Dr. with some more info!!! I smell another post

  • TripleA Jr.

    The Freak’s got veins on his six pack. . WTF!

  • Ali

    Regardless of him taking HGH or any steroids I still admire his dedication to stay in shape.


  • http://justaslyce.blogspot.com Dianna Trent

    That man is AMAZING!! He will always be SLY!!

  • bo-shaikha

    don’t lose your grip on the dreams of the past (some ones been listening to his song)

  • Nikki

    Sly is amazing – for any age, let alone 62!!! He’s a brilliant actor, and with his money probably has a dozen personal trainers anyway. But whether he ‘shoots up’ or not is none of our business. IF he does it’s his choice, and unfortunately you can’t deny the results either way!

    GO SLY! can’t wait to see the film

  • D’Lo Brown

    Sly is a bad example to all kids and adults of the world. Will not go see any movie of his after he got busted with a bag full of roids in the filming of the last rambo movie. what a pathetic excuse.

  • Ben

    He was 63 when this article was published. Awesome body, must have gotten rid of allot of the veins on the left side of his chest and torso, they grossed me out, since the last time I saw him. I think the only time he ‘got busted’ with steroids was in 1989 or something, doesn’t mean he’s not using though.
    But from what I know he eats like a healthy eighty year old, a bunch of vitamin pills, five meals a day or whatever…

  • reymund

    is that a real tatoo?

  • Alucas99

    Actually, Sly stopped taking roids for the making of expendables. It’s one of the reasons he has gotten slightly smaller and more defined since Rambo.

    I think he looks way better and healthier without them, he should stick with his new method.

  • Alucas99


    Everyone makes mistakes, we’re all human. Would you like someone Holding something insignificant and unimportant over your head for years and years? I think you’re being a little fake bro.

    And as I said, Sly had announced somewhere that he has not used roids anytime during the production of this film or for quite a good time before.

  • http://none Max

    If any of you take HGH you still would look the same. At 62 the body doesn’t produce the needed hormones to regenerate the muscle break down that a man or women must undergo in order to look like Sly. There are 100′s of hours of sweat and dedication behind every ripple. I say cheers Stallone, keep my hopes alive!

  • Nabeel Nasir

    I love Sly…He is the best Hero till now…Nabeel 00923227395253


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