Wet and Wild Desert Kings 2 Jokers

9 Aug 2009  22 Comments

An amateur Kuwaiti photographer and video editer put together the video clip below this weekend.  it captures the thrill and fun of young Kuwaiti’s having a good time in the desert and sea.  You can find more of his work at his website www.negativeffect.com. It’s a hobby that his friends think he should utilize more.  His skills as  you can see from the video are of a very high standard, his website has many interesting links and photos. Keep up the good work.

The video includes alot of our favorite drivers from the Gulf Run, as this is the second video in the latest series which will be coming out every now and then. You can find the first video, Desert Kings 2 Jokers here.

WARNING: Do not try these stunts if you do not have any expertise or training in the respective areas as you may seriously cause damage and/or hurt yourself.

Thanks for giving me the exclusive, Mr Kitco!

Humanzees Live Among Us (ban photoshopping)

9 Aug 2009  10 Comments


First i would like to get something out of the way. There have been some indirect accusations and chinese whispering about this site fabricating alot of its posts with incorrect information and photoshopping its images.  I would like to get that out of the way and categorically deny it.


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