Speed and Angels

24 Aug 2009  No Comments

I watched a documentary called Speed and Angels about 2 of the last F-14 Tomcat pilots on duty before it got officially decommissioned.  It takes you through their lives as they try to make it as F-14 Naval pilots. Jay  “Faceshot” and Meagan “Slick” go through tough times; Meagan as she is trying to be the first female Naval F-14 pilot and at the same time the last. And Jay trying to overcome adversity in his life before joining the Navy. A must for every fighter plane fan or Top Gun fan.


The movie has some amazing plane scenes including dogfights and combat, as well as real footage of some of their missions.

A funny trailer from the movie can be seen here.

Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆ 

Chelsea vs Al-Ahli Brawl

24 Aug 2009  2 Comments


A mass brawl erupted between Chelsea reserves and UAE’s Al-Ahli club in a friendly match yesterday.  The incident is being investigated by the English football association.

Chelsea’s players were reportedly assaulted with karate kicks, knee-high tackles and had their hair pulled out and eyes gouged – and was abandoned after just 35 minutes.

Cork was reported to have been repeatedly hit while in a headlock and an opponent is said to have poked his fingers up the nose of Kakuta. 

Cork and Kakuta being Chelsea players. As you can see Al-Ahli club is very affected by ultimate fighting from their style of play. A nice wasted 35 minutes for the players all the way from the UAE. Good job guys and keep it up.  Story can be found here and here.


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