West Ham vs Millwall Violence

26 Aug 2009  No Comments

Before even the Carling Cup match kicked off between these two rivals, events outside the stadium were heating up as a 44 year old man was stabbed in the chest and taken to hosptial. If this alone wasn’t a reason to cancel the match i dont know what is. From fans flooding the pitch several times during and after the game, to racist monkey chants aimed at the black players, this match had it all.

West Ham went on to win the game 3-1 after being down 0-1 with only 3 minutes remaining. You can read more about the violence that occured and the match report here.

CIA Releases Interrogation Memo

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As you can imagine Dick Cheney is fuming due to the release of a memo dated to 2004 from the CIA to the U.S. Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel. It  was released recently under the Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by Amnesty International USA and the American Civil Liberties Union.  It contains techniques such as “walling” and “insult slaps” to be used in interrogations.

“An HVD (high-value detainee) may be walled one time (one impact with the wall) to make a point or 20 to 30 times consecutively when the interrogator requires a more significant response to a question,”

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Wikipedia Tightens Editing Process

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Due to the lack of credibility Wikipedia has gotten over the years, they are trying to crackdown on the juvenile pranks they have been accustomed to over the last few years. From celebrities to politicans, no one was safe. Until now. They are trying to make it more legit for everyone to use. Check out the article here.

Schools Postponed Due to Swine Flu

26 Aug 2009  11 Comments


The Ministry of Education in Kuwait has confirmed that schools/institutions of nursery, pre-school and  kindergarten will be postponed untill the 10th of September which is a Thursday. Ultimately meaning that most kids will not be going to school until the following Sunday, the 13th of September. So will these 2 weeks actually help our kids not contract Swine Flu? I also heard that even the normal flu shot is unavailable in any government or private hospital/clinic in Kuwait until next month, so maybe that might have something to do with it.

UPDATE : The above also goes for the students with special needs of all ages.

Plasma vs LCD vs LED TV’s

26 Aug 2009  55 Comments

This is a question thats has been going on for years. You hear people always saying that some are better for gaming, while others are better for watching movies or sports. With the new LED technology coming out, we want to get to the bottom of this….


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