Plasma vs LCD vs LED TV’s

26 Aug 2009  55 Comments

This is a question thats has been going on for years. You hear people always saying that some are better for gaming, while others are better for watching movies or sports. With the new LED technology coming out, we want to get to the bottom of this….


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With Samsung’s new sexy line of LED tv’s, i think we were all intrigued and wanting to splash out the extra cash for one of those. To put things into perspective, basically an LED tv is a LCD tv but with better blacks, colors and contrast. Thats it? Pretty much, yeah. You are paying the extra money for those options. Unless you meant OLED which is still not really consumer viable yet and will cost you about $2500 for an 11inch tv. Now the myths.


The Plasma Myths :

1) They experience burn-in.  This is not true, maybe it was more than 5 years ago but not anymore.

2) They have short life spans. this is also not true as modern day plasma’s can give you 34 years of life, but do you want your tv for that long? Whats important  to us is that you can keep your plasma on 24/7 and not worry about its life span termination.

The real Plasma problems :

1) They are glossy due to the fact they are glass. This means if you live in a place where you can’t control your lights or dont have any blinds or shutters, you may have alot of reflection to deal with.

2) They have to be conditioned. None of us actually do this, but for the first 100-200 hours you should keep the brightness and contrast levels way down, and then after those hours, optimize them for your usage to get best results.


LCD tvs.

The Good :

LCD’s tv tend to be more cost effective than plasma’s.  They are usually lighter and slimmer. But maybe most important of all is their matte finish which enables you to watch tv in a room with lots of windows and lots of lights. LCD whites should be better than those on the plasma’s as well. Supposedly, they are better for gaming as well.

The Bad :

They tend to struggle in fast motion. (you can find this cited everywhere but i have yet to actually notice a difference personally) . Compared to the plasma’s they are weaker in blacks, contrast and motion blur. Allegedly, images are less smooth and you get better shades of grey in plasma’s.

The Verdict

It seems as if the Plasma’s have more of an edge in many of the departments, especially in the larger sizes (40″ and above).  Personally, i enjoy the LCD tv’s much better than the plasma’s, i think they are clearer and have images which are more crisp. So at the end of the day its down to personal preference. For all those people wanting to spend an extra wad of cash on the LED’s, remember, they have only changed the backlights, so the upgrade may not be worth the price. Its like an owner of the iPhone 3G upgrading to the iPhone 3GS, its an amazing phone but the upgrade is just not worth it. But if its your first flat screen tv and you dont mind the extra cash, then go for it. Below is a list of the best Plasma and LCD tv’s in the market.


1) Pioneer Kuro Elite (this range can cost up to the price of a compact car)

2) Pioneer Kuro

3) Panasonic Viera (best value for money in the Plasma range)

THE LCD’s (including LED)

1) Samsung (series 6-9 are better than the ones below, while 4&5 compete well, but maybe slightly inferior)

2) Sharp Aquos

3) Sony (Sony stopped making LCD panels, they use the same ones in the Sharp Aquos so basically you are paying extra just for the name)

Personal preference of best TV available : SAMSUNG LCD

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  • Bo-shaikha

    I wish i had a need for a tv would have gotten a chance to try an led tv. Honestly great post super informatve AAA, i heard from a friend they are slimmer and lighter also is that true

    • Triple-A

      Bo-Shaikha : i saw the samsung LED series and they were extra slim and sleek, but i dont know if thats due to the samsung ultra slim design or all LED tv’s in general . but i think its just samsung because LG also recently released really slim LCD tv’s. the options are endless buddy.

  • DVLz

    wait I wanna say this ” I OBJECT !!! ” this claim is false ( well some are true to be honest ).

    Samsung is a brand I respect so much

    Type in your search engine this phrase : “get out of the plasma business”

    • Triple-A

      DVLz : if you are talking about the claim that Plasma is better, i agree with you as you see from my personal recommendation at the end of the post. But most people and electronic stores and sites tend to say the plasma is better, including N.. We even had this discussion today that he thinks plasma ARE better and he gave me an example how side-to-side in Best Buy the Plasma’s outshone the LCD’s. Thats why i also mentioned in the post that basically its down to personal preference. And yes, Samsung is king.

    • N

      DVLz: what exactly are you objecting to???!!

      as Triple-A said, we were discussing this today. with Pioneer, the makers of the best plasmas if not best screens, out of the game. you don’t have much choice but to go with LCD.

      I truly believe that Plasmas are better. I’ve seen them compared in front of me. and I did my own comparisons.

  • DVLz

    Before I bought my LCD screen I had to go through so many articles about each technology and which one is the best choice. This is how the story goes…..

    It started couple years ago when the DLP technology was first introduced and I was shocked with what I saw on the net, but in reality it was disappointing. When you go to an electronic store with bunch of TV’s all around, you can then decide just by looking. The DLP lost challenge to the Full HD LCDs. The one that really caught my eye was the Samsung LNT5271F 52 Inch 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV with its technology called “Auto Motion Plus” what it does is it throws an extra 3rd frame between every 2 frames so when played in fast motion you will be able to see it clearly and no blur, now this technology is used in newer LCDs but with different naming.

    The screen can be glossy not just in plasma but also on LCDs the reason behind that is they don’t use “Anti-reflection Coating” (read below).

    “The anti-reflection coating with low resistivity function and transparent conductive coating as outermost layer as claimed in claim 1, wherein the coating is a basic coating for a plasma display or a liquid crystal display”. ( source )

    Philips ambilight is one of the LCDs that was unique when it first came out, its really a cool idea to see colors on your screen displayed on the wall. Most companies now use another technology which is a a built in light sensor, what it does simply adjusts the brightness depending how bright your room is.

    LCD monitors response time is measured in either btb (black to black) or gtg (gray to gray) which the speed is measured in milliseconds. Now on the other hand plasma and CRT TV’s are much faster at video processing that is why their speeds are measured in nano-seconds. This is the best explanation why movies are better on plasma, that’s why they call it “change state”.

    The contrast ratio doesn’t matter when comparing TV’s and so is the life span which i’m going to talk about later. Every company uses different measurement so big numbers don’t matter the key here is your eyes.

    Plasmas will go extinct in the next 5 – 10 years due to many reasons. ( R.I.Plasma )

    DLP & LCD both need a new light source when their life span is over which is usually couple thousand hours and depending on usage, after that time a new light bulb needs to be changed. DLP & LCD & Plasma last up to around 60,000 hours with their latest technologies. Yes they live long but you won’t keep them for that long.

    Oled is also known as “Green” cool and eco-friendly, also has the technology, affordable, slim and light weight.

    Plasma uses more energy, produces heat more than LCD’s, expensive, it’s technology is limited unlike LCD and Oled which are used on variety of devices other than TV’s.

    Conclusion: If you use plasma we will be receiving tons of messages from MEW
    ” الاحمال الكهربائية بلغت ذروتها الآن، تعاون في خفض الاستهلاك ”

    Note: When you want to buy a New TV you should consider the following Value/Time, size, technology and inputs/outputs. Next step is to ask for the remote control and play with the menus, you have no idea what you can learn from those few minutes. Don’t be deceived by brand names or numbers.

    Sorry for the long chat

    • Triple-A

      DVLz : next time i buy any electronic device im going to run it by you so you can help me research it! hehe thats some impressive research you did.

    • techdude7

      You must have deeper pockets than most of us since you stated that the current OLED technology is “affordable”. I don’t consider $2,500 for Sony’s 11-inch screen affordable.

  • N

    You are absolutely correct. And at first the plasma had bad publicity with the whole burn-in dilemma, I think that contributed to its death, it just couldn’t shake that bad reputation.

    Also if you remember a few years ago, you couldn’t find a decent size lbs screen . But as time passed by lcd screens got bigger, and cheaper.

    And you are spot on about the remote, you don’t know how many times I’ve been put off by the stupid looking remote.

    And as for electricity. Just turn off your A/C when you watch tv :p

  • Bo-shaikha

    Great but when is the new revolutionary tv coming out that should be worth buying

    • N

      Well, OLED looks like its going to be the next big thing. But its too expensive at the moment, it needs 3 more years I think to be more pocket friendly.

      As for specs, there are tons of tvs coming soon. Like 3d technology built-in the TV and increasing the resolution to 4000 x 2000 which is the same resolution in theaters. And is supported by the new hdmi 1.4 standard.

  • Bashar

    That’s a very nice article, and I hope accurate. Some of my info are outdated if so.

    I also favor LCD over plasma, and I have Sony Bravia n love it. I heard abt the LCD panels thing, my friends plasma however started having problems with the HDMI cable, so maybe there is more than the panel it self.

    • Triple-A

      Bashar : it should be up to date except maybe that with the credit crunch, Pioneer figured out that most people wouldnt pay that amount for a tv rather than a car, so basically stopped/are stopping making that line of tv’s.
      i never heard of the hdmi problem before but you have to expect anything and everything from electronics nowadays due to their advancement in technology therefore sensitivity. and yes, i cant convince myself or my eyes that plasma’s are better, LCD all the way for me.

  • DVLz

    I usually like to list everything linked to the problem, most of the time it’s something really easy or in other words stupid. A very good example when I hooked my laptop to my HDTV using HDMI cable. Now the first thing i’ve done is searched for the term used to identify the problem. The problem was a horizontal line moving vertically when displaying in fast motion, the term was “Tearing”. Second part was to identify the problem if it is a hardware or software, I went and searched different forums looking for an identical case. The results were damn horrible as people gave opinions, guessing or being idiotic instead being helpful. The case consists of 4 suspects:

    A) HDMI Cable
    B) HDTV
    C) Graphic Card
    D) Software

    Suspect A is made in China but since I used it on my ps3 it worked fine.
    Suspect B was working fine with my ps3 using all HDMI ports.
    Suspect C was working fine when attached to my HDTV ( Image and sound ).
    Suspect D was a trouble maker, in the settings everything was on default so I assumed it was fine..

    So as I was reading the first suggestion was to increase the screen refresh rate, on some LCDs you can control the refresh rate using your TV but mine didn’t have that option. Usually we use refresh rate when we have “flicker” problem. I tried different rates nothing happened. So I kept reading and tried this time to change antiliasing and vertical sync settings and still nothing happened. After a while I went to Alghanim Electronics and took my laptop with me and started testing all the 52″ LCDs, still same problem and even changed the rate on one of the LCD screens still same problem exist. Now the testing results were that Suspects A,B & C are all innocent. Anyways the problem was fixed later by doing something so easy and stupid. The Nvidia setting had 3 options for multiple displays.

    1) Use single display which was on default
    2) Use clone on both displays
    3) Use independent dualview

    by switching to the 2nd option the problem was 50% fixed the other 50% was to change which is the primary window LCD or laptop, and by switching to the second option + LCD as primary TV couple of new options appeared on the menu list. Now going back evaluating the number of people who suggested that the TV was the problem was about 85% of morons who had no clue.

    It is hard to find right answer and the internet can be a bad choice and misleading sometimes or most of the time, all you need is some knowledge + testing and break down the problem into steps.

    That was my bedtime story for today, hope that helps.

    • Triple-A

      DVLz : woah


    My question is, which is better for gaming but then everything else? I’m discussing going led, PRICEY, looks good from what i’ve seen, in stores, but that depends on their hook ups and the equipment they run. Do i wanna spend that much or just go with a higher plasma or lcd?

    I haven’t played anything on plasma or lcd. I have a 46″ samsung DLP, rear Project. I have no problem with blur or anything on my 360, i think it looks good. Movies look good, cable hd looks as good as cable hd can look, and i have no problems.

    I like samsung, i have a 23″ LCD monitor/tv that i love, and in the past had a 19″ CRT, that this replaced. I think the picture is great on the tv but it is 2x as small as a 52″, 55″, or 58″.

    I went through this “what is better plasma or LCD” debate, when i bought my rear projection. I’m not totally disappointed with my DLP, just when your not directly in front of it. My big question is this motion blur. I’m reading 600hz on a plasma, 120hz on the lcd, and either 120 or 240hz on the led. I’ve heard most people can’t see the difference between the 60 and 120.

    I think i’m over thinking this whole ordeal but i’m looking at 3 models, all samsung, and i wanna say price isn’t an option but i want to buy the best option. The high ends also have different cool features like the wireless, and widgets and stuff but is that all worth the extra dough, i think i’ll use it but who knows.

    52″ LN52B750 – LCD $1700

    55″ UN558000 OR UN557100 – LED $2700-2900

    58 “PN58B650 – PLASMA $2100


    • Triple-A

      FATBOY : i think maybe because you got used to your current tv you have noticed the difference and how way ahead plasma and lcd screens are at the moment. But when you see them side to side by your DLP you will really know what you are missing out on. Your list of best options all look great. Like i said i think it comes down to personal choice. if it was up to me and you were a hardcore gamer as well as wanting to watch movies, cable, satellite tv, etc. the best option in my view would be LCD, but if money isnt a problem go for the LED. if it is im sure any of the ones above will be a huge upgrade compared to what you are already using, and it would be very hard to tell the difference between which is better plasma or LCD for gaming. if you have a lot of windows or light in your room, go for LCD without a thought because plasma will just get annoying after a while.

  • DVLz

    All the TVs you mentioned have different sizes and it depends which size you want. It matters if your going to use wall mount or Table TV stand. The wall mount has weight limitations depending on sizes. Then you must decide on space if its suitable for your room depending if its big or small then you have distance measurement from where you want to watch your TV. I would eliminate the plasma right away even if it plays movies smoother. The high refresh rates such as the 120hz and 240hz are just an enhancer when viewing movies cause they divide evenly with 24fps, but most LCDs who run on 60hz have a time delay which causes undesired results which some people might not recognize. You can change the refresh rate on your screen and the best option would be 72hz cause it divides 24fps resulting in 3 but 75hz doesn’t divide equally but some TVs don’t have these options unless you use a PC and a software such as “reschanger”. The difference between the LED and LCD isn’t that great just a light switch that changes the brightness and contrast and electricity consumption compared to LCD and OLED differences are much bigger. The LED is pricey and so is any new product first introduced into the market but the manufacturing costs of OLEDs are cheaper. Since price is an important factor you have to estimate for how long your going keep that TV. I was reading that games are best played on LCDs even better than OLEDs, as for movies and fast motion pictures such as sports they are best viewed using Plasma, but the life expectancy for plasma is short and you might not find support in the near future as many companies are dropping their plasma projects except for Panasonic. So instead of paying for LED you can buy LCD and still save money which can be used to purchase other electronics. I was always considered about the width of the screen and weight, but that is not an issue unless you travel or move frequently. The TV will remain in one place but weight does matter especially for wall mounting cause it sucks when playing with wires in cramped spaces, and you might need to take it off and when done wiring put it back again which will require more than one person to do it. The types of mounts that is usually used are Flat Wall Mount, Tilt Wall Mount and Wall Arm Mounts ( which comes with extension arm ). In few years LED will be less expensive but OLED will be in the lead. If price is not an issue then I would recommend this


    Thank you. And price will be a little bit of an option with the sharp, haha.

    I’ve been leaning more to the lcd, because i will be able to get some other upgrades. I’ll get a ps3, and new audio. It does seam like the led lcd is just a midway to oled, and it would be better to get nothing now and wait till it gets to a descent price. Rather then try to convince the wife we need another tv in 4 years, haha.

    • Triple-A

      Fatboy : yeah i think lcd is the better choice after all, but is the led upgrade worth it? my suggestion is find a good deal on a good regular lcd tv for now, and when oled’s become the new thing in a few years, than you can go for that.


    Yeah i don’t feel like spending a lot now and then spending alot again. I can get the 52″ LCD now, a PS3, a nice new reciever, and some cables, for less than i’ll pay for the LED.

    Then when OLED gets to a descent price i’ll update to that.

    Thanks again for all the suggestions. i’ll swing back this way for advice when i gotta tweek the settings.

    • Triple-A

      Fatboy : sure anytime

  • Sabbit

    Thanks a lot for such a discussions. It has cleared lot of confusions as I had no idea what to get. But now I think getteing a LCD is quite decent choice. Am planning for a 42”
    Any suggestion on brands? Or models?Bydaway am in Singapore,so question of availability is also there… If possilbe please suggest me… I will check those out in the market

    • Triple-A

      Sabbit : Samsung and LG have really good series for that size. Sony is great but usually a little overpriced than the other 2. Also, Sharp have some good LCD’s. All these brands have different ranges so check them all out and see what suits you. Im glad we were helpful.

  • DVLz

    I recommend Samsung but I don’t see any 42″ models on their website. They have bunch of new technologies on their HDTVs and their prices are decent. Sharp we have 2007 models available and they don’t look as good as the rest although the brand is really good. Sony is ultra expensive for no reason just a name, even if they have the technology you can find something similar and a lot cheaper. LG uses almost similar technologies as Samsung, but Samsung is the leader in the electronics field. Now it all depends on the features you want, like usb,wireless,internet etc.. Also make sure they are under warranty just to be on the safe side. I’ve seen the Auto motion plus technology by Samsung and it is amazing so try and look for that one.

  • Sabbir

    Thanks Tripple A n DVLs…. I will look into ur suggestions n will come back…

  • N

    Ya, Samsung is my number 1 choice for electronic devices now. A very good bang for the buck, and high-end quality.

  • Sabbir

    I looked at sharp n samsung. after that i never had a second thought. Its Samsung. I choosed a series 6 model 610 serial. but when i looked at the specification… its
    1920×1080 but no picture engine. Now can any one tell me what the picture engine does? n do i need a picture engine? am not a gaming guy… n the TV price is also quite low!!! please advise….
    n also i choosed a LED but am not sure if i will buy dat….coz its costing me just double of the LCD i choosed…

    • Triple-A

      Sabbir : the model you chose is quite good and i dont think you will need the picture engine. LED is too overrated for right now especially with OLED coming out in a few years. I have gone with different models of samsung including the one you have and its great, you wont be dissappointed. Go for it.

  • DVLz

    A picture engine is usually used to constantly make adjustments to the picture to enhances its quality and which is usually anything Not HD. When you try to enhance the HD quality you may get the worst results, thats why you can’t upscale HD pictures like bluray but you can with regular dvds. The Samsung series 6 model 610 serial you mentioned does have a picture engine called DNle+. You may not need it but anything that comes extra is fine.

    • N

      I second that.

  • Cubsn7

    Awesome thread!

    I’m going to be picking up a TV soon (in a month or two), and I’m a bit of a $ miser when it come to technology (still rocking a 32″ tube from ’00) Considering the vast technology leap out of the stone age I am taking, and given the thread discussion above it boils down to LCD or LED. Since I will hold this TV for awhile and not likely upgrade to the newest gadget every year, is the incremental cost going to LED worth it o na 50-55″ TV.

    • Triple-A

      Cubsn7 : well if you wont be buying a tv for another 9 years like your previous model then go for LED. And as you have read in the other comments, our recommendation is Samsung all the way. im glad this thread was helpful to you.

  • DVLz

    Some of Samsung’s latest products

    Samsung OLED laptop :

    Samsung Cameras with Front LCD Screen :

    Samsung’s LED TV Couple packs a 7-inch tablet remote :

  • Sabbir

    Thanks for helping me out. I got a 40” Samsung Series 6 from Singapore. Presently am visiting Malaysia n juz to check out I hopped in to a electronic shop n OMG it’s way cheaper here in Malaysia. All models including LED’s. 5-10K cheaper.
    If any one is planing they can actually have a vacation trip to Malaysia n hv the tv too with the same amount of money…
    Well I can say it’s a holiday package… Hahaha
    Enjoy guys…


    To let you all know, i bout the 55″ 7100 LED. Fully satisfied so far. Picture is amazing, it actually looks life like. I haven’t noticed much of a difference when playin my XBOX, but a big difference in the bluray and cable. Watched Blue Planet, an imax movie, with the new surround and the ps3, i thought the space ship was taking off in the living. The wife yelled at me because her wine glasses were shaking, haha.

    the thing that i gotta figure out is, my reciever. My reciever upconverts to 1080p, but when the tv shows the input it show only bluray going in at 1080p, @ 60hz.. Everything else is 1080i. i know cable and the xbox only go up to 1080i, but for somereason i think i need to fool with my reciever.

    Well just to let you guys know i’m thoroughly happy with the LED and would recomend it. I’m still waiting for the screen to burn in to start changing stuff, plus i purchased a package from best buy to “fine tune” the display.

  • Diva

    Well…thanks for all of the information! I am a single female trying to buy a new TV. Of course, everytime I walk in an electronics store I swear there’s a sensor that says “she doesn’t know what she’s doing – sell her the most expensive thing here!!” ha ha…I was about to drop 2k on a 55″ Panasonic plasma today, but decided to do some more checking on the internet. I live in Hawaii, so there is plenty of light and I am concerned aobut the reflection off the glass…but then again, I work during the day so not sure that will be an issue. If I’m home watching TV on the weekends I must be hungover so will have the curtains closed :) Okay, on to my observation…when viewing the plasma next to the LED, the color was much more vivid on the plasma. On the LED/LCD the reds looked pink-ish, and the viewing angle sucked in comparison to the plasma.
    Seriously – I’m a chick, I ain’t lugging this thing to get fixed and will probably put the thing on the curb when it’s time to upgrade again. All I do is watch t.v. and movies – will also be buying the single speaker surround sound thingy (yea, I said it – thingy) and a blu-ray dvd player.
    So…I usually keep a t.v. for 5 yrs on average…2k for 55″ panasonic plasma vs 2400 for 50″ LED (Samsung – your favorite:) – all based on my usage/location….thoughts?
    the Diva :)

    • Diva

      oops – my bad, the $2400 Samsung was the UN55B6000 – 55″. They also had Samsung 52″ 630 for 2k….and the Panasonic was 58″ plasma… I wrote down so many brands and types today I started getting confused. And before you ask…yes, I’m blonde :) Still would like any advice you are willing to give. If you pick the Samsung – please tell me which one is the better of the two…I am overwhelmed by all the information and have no idea what to buy!

      Thanks for indulging my electronically challenged self!!

      • Triple-A

        Diva : your comments were animated to say the least, im glad you found this post helpful and unhelpful at the same time. If your gonna pay over 2000k for the plasma might as well go for the lcd/led if it is usually sunny in hawaii because the glare is annoying. on the other hand, you can buy the plasma if the reddish color is annoying, and use the extra 400 dollars to buy blinds/curtains/shutters ! but seriously i think samsung lcd/leds are the best buys in the market now for overall usage.

  • DVLz

    Why would plasma have better coloring than LCDs?
    1) Get your eyes checked ( If that’s not the problem then move the next solution )
    2) No TV ever get displayed without changing the color saturation, contrast, etc…. that’s why most TVs have different coloring cause either the default coloring sucks or someone played with them and forgot to change it back, so what would happen if you add more white to the screen, hmm lets see Red + White = Pink!
    3) Many LCDs have different color filtering technologies, although plasma is better when watching movies but has a short life span due to new technologies such as OLED although LCD is still the main competitor, other reasons are mentioned above.
    4) Try comparing the coloring of different LCDs, then the one you like the most try comparing that with the plasma.
    5) Depends on the time of day especially if they have light sensors
    6) LED is not worth the money, unless if it’s really cheap.
    7) If you insist on buying plasma then I would recommend LG 60″ Plasma, you get a bigger size and cheaper or cost almost the same as the Panasonic.
    8) Most online companies do NOT ship stuff to Alaska or Hawaii. ( So you have limitations to your choices )
    9) Newer LCDs have viewing angles from 175 – 180
    10) Many LCDs these days come with a swivel base which can move a few degrees either direction, if you want to use a wall mount then you will need a swivel wall mount.
    11) Buy cheap today (start saving) so you can change to something that’s worth the money tomorrow.
    12) The surround sound thingy your talking about is called ” Surround Sound Bar ” click on link —->

    If you save $$$ on whatever you buy, don’t waste it on food cause that what happens when you watch too much TV :P .

  • the man

    get a life all of you and lcd owns

  • Diva

    Thanks for all of the information – it did help! I think I’m going to go with the Samsung 52″ LCD…and have it wall mounted. Sears here delivers and installs wall mounts with a 1yr warranty in case the damn thing falls off the wall (yikes!). Stopping by Best Buy today to do one last price comparison and see what they offer for mounting. AND – good advice on the remote – that is one thing I didn’t think of; but I hate a stupid remote that I have to decipher (like the multi-system 32″ Sony LCD in my bedroom…..I can’t ever figure out which button is off or sleep…ugh! ) Glad it’s a holiday weekend, everyone is having sales!
    You guys rock – thanks for all the advice and information!!!


    • Diva

      well…I ended up getting the 55″ Samsung B6000 LED tv with matching sound bar (I’m a chick – everything has to match!) and blu ray dvd player. They are going to deliver, connect and mount the t.v. and sound bar – the dvd player can be wall mounted but I didn’t care for that look.
      The guy at Best Buy was soooo helpful, he talked to his supervisor and since I was getting the whole shabang they gave me almost $1000 in discounts. Got the whole system with connectors, set up/mounting, calibration and 4-yr anything but throwing your shoe at it protection plan for $4,400. Oh – and I’m amazed that the dvd player has an option for downloading and watching HD movies through Netflix without ever leaving my couch. All I need is for them to deliver it and get some wine… I’ll never leave my condo :)

      thanks for all of your help!!!!!

  • DVLz

    Well everything today has netflix from software to hardware. Few days ago they announced that the dvd business will end in 2 years. They are now focusing more on bluray and online streaming + downloading. As for dvd players they always have limitations although I prefer using my pc as a multimedia player :P

  • LadyAri

    I am loving this debate and its sooo helpful. and I have to say as a chick I’ve had similar experiences when shopping excepting in that I’m a bit more educated in what I want than Diva tho I would hardly say I’m an expert. sadly I actually knew more than the salesman at BB but the Sears dude was awesome. anway…
    what I’ve been loving is the LG LED LCD tv (Sears has it several hundred bux cheaper than Best Buy) but as you know they are way pricey. and since I’m drooling over the OLED’s I know I’ll want to upgrade when they are more marketable.
    plasma, while beautiful, won’t work for me; while I’m a night-owl by nature I do actually game and watch movies in daytime so glare, even with the improved screen would very much be an issue in my current domicile (read as skylight in living room).
    so….since it appears that I’ll have to go with LCD, what are your suggestions and why? I am an avid gamer and love bells and whistles so I sometimes have to find what I truly love and then scale that down to suit my budget lol

    • LadyAri

      let me also add that my former tv (which is dying a slow painful death) is an oldie but goodie from the 90′s and a Sony. I love all the Sony stuff I’ve had over the years but I’m not averse to owning another brand. as far as gaming goes, I pretty much have every system except the 360 so like I said I play…a lot lol.
      plus I’m a movie fanatic, especially Jhorror so in a secondary way I guess blacks/color is important as well tho I’d say hurtz is more so (I misspelled that didn’t I). I like the brightness of the LED’s but for the money I can get an LCD an blu ray (so I don’t have to use the ps3 all the time) so its more bang for buck….I guess I’m just reasoning ‘out loud’ here so any help from you guys would be great

  • tony

    I can’t believe you missed the most important weakness of LCDs, i.e. relative very small viewing angle before seeing color/brightness degradation, it is not a problem for plasma TV. Also the argument of LCD is cheaper than plasma is absolutely not true, especially with TV over 50 inches, plasms TVs today are *less* expensive than LCD ones.

    • LadyAri

      I see what you mean bout prices. but with where my tv has to go and where my furniture ends up, angle isn’t an issue. but 50 is too big for the room honestly.

  • royster

    im a gamer think led looks good the slenderness and brightness.i have allready a 52 samsung lcd but allways want bigger so think samsung 63 plasma is the choice but considering hd projector for the size of picture .i can see the bad guys from further away haha

  • David

    I have a decent TV, even though i want a new one now:P but i am researching for my wife’s parents and i found a 52′ Sharp aquos 1080p LED for 2099 and that’s Canadian! that’s not to pricey at all.

  • Messaline

    as a General rule, plasma displays are also more fragile to impacts then LCD/LED/OLED.

    Plasma displays can be damaged by a hard knock on the wall their hung on, or by a door slamming way too hard; non-impact transients that don’t break the glass. I remember a reported case where a car backfire in the street exploded a 55″ plasma facing the front window.

    These things don’t even cause a ripple on any of the LCD techs.

    I personally think their lower sales are due to this, not the reputation of early burn-in.
    with a combination of the new LED backlighting and higher refresh/rescan rates, LEDs are going to quickly overtake both LCD and plasma as the panel of choice, at least until OLEDs are in box-store price ranges.

    • MR.TV

       that is an absolutely ridiculous spew of nonsense
      plasma is superior.

  • W Phillips

    I have worked in the Film and Broadcast industry since 1992, The Information regarding Plasma and LCD might have been correct 5 years ago, how ever I can confirm that Plasma STILL has its burn in problem, as well as noise from the fans required to keep the panel cool, also the weight factor an in its self be a problem. The main off putting problem with Plasma has to be its flickery fuzzy picture. The grey tones and motion blur problems with LCD has not existed in the past 5 years, infact LCD screens have a faster response time and much better Contrast ratio than plasma. Just correcting you on a few mistakes.

    • Triple-A

      W Phillips : thanks for that useful information, either way I am more of an LCD fan than Plasma .

  • Favre4Ever

    It’s now 2015 and Plasma is still better than any LED tv on the market. Unfortunately the only choices left are OLED or LED. Choose OLED or go home.


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