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27 Aug 2009  5 Comments

This car is an axe murderer with headlights. And I adore it. “ Jeremy Clarkson


Mercedes AMG won 2 of the prizes this year for engine of the year.  The first is ‘best performance engine’  for the 6.3L V8 and the second is ‘ best engine above 4.0 liters’ for the same engine.

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For some, an engine can transcend its role as an automotive power device and become a living, breathing thing. For those people, the Mercedes-AMG 6.2-litre V8 was devised. And in this case, AMG has created an angry, snarling monster.


 To win both of these prizes AMG had to out-muscle 2 BMW M-series engines, a V8 and a V10; a Porsche 3.8L flat six , Jaguar’s supercharged V8 and finally Ferrari’s V12. So this high-revving, large displacement beast has 7,200rpm redline for those brave enough to handle it. 

“This is an incredible engine – my neck hurt during the second day of testing!” – Christophe Congrega from L’Automobile Magazine

Ranging from 451bhp up to 518bhp this powerplant still remains under the “one man, one engine” principle used by AMG. Basically, one technician is responsible for hand-assembling the complete engine, and his name will be signed on a plaque on the engine. The rectangluar section above the Mercedes sign on the picture above shows the place of the signature.

Check out Top Gear’s crew when the 3 rivals take on each other in the episode at the track.


For those people who love it so much, you can also find an iPhone app in the app store.


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  • Jr.

    I’d still go for the V10 M engines any day over an AMG.

    • Triple-A

      Jr. : Why am I not surprised

  • Bo-shaikha

    Love the c63 engine. interior and body are just as awesome.. What a machine

  • Qortuba Valley

    Hey, U visited me and now i have to return the favor back :) 1st cool website i loved it, 2nd we need to to exchange blogroll hehe if ur interested.

    about your post we all know that AMG is the best best company to create super fast engine but as personal matter i will go with ferrari i dont know why but there is something with the engine voice its like music eheheh :P

    • Triple-A

      Qurtoba valley : thanks alot for the compliment and glad you enjoyed the website.

      about the ferrari, of course its an amazing car i agree. but for about 30,000kd less you can get the AMG pictured in the post which might have the best sounding exaust note in the market now. but like i said before, a ferrari is a ferrari :)
      check it out here


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