XBox 360 To Get A 250Gb HDD?

28 Aug 2009  No Comments

Right after Sony’s PS3 Slim’s announcement, Microsoft hit back with taking $100 of the XBox Elite’s price, putting it in the same ballpark as the PS3 both now cost $299.

Amazons Xbox 360 250GB.jpg

Amazon Germany listed a new SKU that that is bundled with 2 wireless controllers, Forza motor sport 3 and a 250GB hard drive for $400. Microsoft currently sells 120GB maximum. That is big news for people like me that have the original 20GB hard drive and are holding out for an upgrade. I’ve been using the “install on hard drive” function on the 360 and love it, but the 20GB doesn’t hold much.

Amazon Germany took of the webpage but they have history of leaking new consoles before their announcement.

Via Kotaku

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