My Special Router – The CloakBox

31 Aug 2009  8 Comments

I used Hotspot shield regularly during the last year or two, to access Hulu and any other website that needed me to be in the US. But it had its drawbacks, it’s public, so not much for security there, a bit slow and it can be used only on a PC or Mac.


I really wanted something similar for my Xbox 360 and PS3, so that I can download all the stuff that I want without restrictions, even certain game add-ons can’t be downloaded.


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Google Reader

31 Aug 2009  6 Comments

Google Reader is a great way to check the blogs you read without having to go to each and every website. Just add a subscription to each blog/site you wish to be updated about, and everytime there is a new post you will recieve it in the style of your GMAIL inbox. That way you can preview the post and decided whether to expand it or not. Its a very convenient way to check out all those sites you regularly read without the fuss of multiple tabs.


You can also share your list on google reader with other people.

This is also available to use on your mobile platforms.

Swine Flu Part II – The School Dilemma

31 Aug 2009  No Comments


The dilemma that is swine flu. Already the nursery, pre-school and kindergarten classes as well as those with special needs have been postponed as you saw from the previous post. The latest rumour passing around is that they will be postponed further. Continue reading… Continue Reading

Kuwaiti Blogs

31 Aug 2009  5 Comments


Blushberry, Zdistrict, 4thringroad, ilSul6ana, Brakebanzeen and Qortuba Valley are all Kuwaiti blogs that have recently posted about us or mentioned us. I would like to thank all of you for contributing in any way or form as you have helped us to kick off the blogging experience at Up Till One, and its highly appreciated. We will strive to continue to bring you material that you and all our readers enjoy . Also to all our commenters and silent readers, thanks for coming here over and over. A special thanks also to our friends at GulfRun for their support and help, and we are all wishing them luck with their track races this year and upcoming events.

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