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31 Aug 2009  6 Comments

Google Reader is a great way to check the blogs you read without having to go to each and every website. Just add a subscription to each blog/site you wish to be updated about, and everytime there is a new post you will recieve it in the style of your GMAIL inbox. That way you can preview the post and decided whether to expand it or not. Its a very convenient way to check out all those sites you regularly read without the fuss of multiple tabs.


You can also share your list on google reader with other people.

This is also available to use on your mobile platforms.

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  • Mix

    I use My Yahoo (as my primary email is Yahoo) and it works in pretty much the same way as Google Reader but different layout.

    • Triple-A

      Mix : i was never a yahoo user, i jumped from hotmail to gmail about 5-6 years ago. but i guess like you said its the same concept, and makes things much easier.

  • DVLz

    I have been using Yahoo for almost 11 years now and I don’t think i’m going to change especially when Microsoft + Yahoo + Amazon joined forces. I still use hotmail for my emails and it sucks.

  • N

    I use google reader for syncing purposes only, I sill hate the layout and just love to open 30 tabs. I’m old school :)

  • Marzouq

    Thats all I use! Very easy to consolidate all my RSS feeds!

    • Triple-A

      incredible how technology makes things so simple.


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