Bad Boys III and Rambo V

3 Sep 2009  8 Comments

These are both rumours, but they have been both circulating around the web recently. It seems Will Smith and Martin Lawrence will team up again to bring you the third installment of their movie, you can check the link below the image. badboys

Also, everyone’s favorite 62-year old wants to make another comeback, this time with his Rambo Franchise. Rumoured to be acting alongside Mickey Rourke for the part,  he will also direct it, if it ever takes off. But for now you will be guaranteed to see his monster 6-pack in 2010 in the The Expendables. 


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  • Bashar

    Gimme a break! Another Rambo movie? This is not gonna be a comic anymore I guess.

    • Triple-A

      Bashar : unbelievable, i dont know what he is trying to do, i think its time to hide behind a director’s chair for him! and btw nice pic! hehe

  • seriouselyx

    sylvester is Awsome!, Rambo….not so much, but hes still in shape, so rock on ! xP
    ow will smith and martin lawrence (Y)…love those to.
    nice blog btw ;p

    • N

      Stallone is a monster,, check this out:

      And the Smith/Lawrence duo were always funny.

      Thanx :)

    • Triple-A

      seriouselyx : yeah i was more of a fan of the rocky series than rambo. and thanks for the comment.

      Jr. : yeah the knife is dwarfed in his hands. hahaha

  • Mix

    Yeah I have seen these reports too. And it got me pumped. Rambo IV was awesome, and BB2 rocked. Chances are we are going to see Rambo V much sooner than BB3 which still has to confirm cast and director !

    • N

      Ya I agree, Bad Boys 3 still has a long way to go.

  • Jr.

    Look how small that Knife/Machete looks in “RAMBO’s” hand, hahahahhaa Hes awesome.


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