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6 Sep 2009  8 Comments


While checking some of the blog stats i noticed a referral from CNN. I thought it was kind of weird so i clicked on the link and to my surprise they had linked the earlier blog post to one of their articles. it hadnt been up more than 2 hours! Thank you CNN for linking this blog to your website.

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  • Jr.

    Impressive stuff.

  • Mish

    Nice :D
    keep up the good work :D

  • Bashar

    That must’ve made some traffic on your site :). I got few times linked by major news sites (mainly for censorship articles :), and the traffic boomed. Another was when I posted about how Japanese didn’t like Xbox 360. That launched fanboy war as you may guess.

  • Bo-shaikha

    Now sit back fire up a cigar and let the good times roll ;)

    • Triple-A

      Bo shaikha : yabeela robustos

      Bashar : yeah its funny getting random traffic out of nowhere. usually we get it on the electronic/gaming posts.

      Mish : thanks alot :)

  • elwehbi

    Wow! How cool!!!

    Liking the cigar talk fellas! How about some Cohiba Maduro Secretos?? I miss cigars.

    • Triple-A

      elwehbi : Cohiba Maduro Secretos sound good as well, but im more of a Cohiba Robustos guy. I think after Ramadhan im gonna stock up on some cigars now that we brought it up!

  • Mix

    Wow ! CNN – That’s Big time !


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