Bad-Ass Fins (Continued)

10 Sep 2009  5 Comments

Keeping with the spirit of GulfRun and Brakebanzeen, as well as an earlier post by N about the badass fins, i just wanted to add this Top Gear episode as number 3 on the list of reasons why Fins are bad-asses. Its another of those episodes for some reason alot of people didnt see. Mika Hakkinen uses the award-winning engine to teach James May how to drive like a man, among other cars. Check it out.

Local Information of the Day : Buzberry have created an application for their blog/twitter that has been submitted to the iTunes Apps store and pending approval. Good job guys and keep up the good work.

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  • Miss Good Egg

    lol @ 1:06 wanasa.

    E I can do the same o a7san ba3ad. That’s how I drive in arcades :P

  • Mr. Kitco

    i love it i think i will be going there just to try out the rally :) it looks like alot of fun.

    • Triple-A

      Mr. Kitco : the rally looks like great fun! can i hear gulf-rally any time soon??

      Miss Good Egg : seriously, we all drive like that and even better in the arcades :p

  • elwehbi

    “If you want to win, employ a Finn” LOL

    Thanks Triple-A!

    • Triple-A

      elwehbi : hehe yeah they really are bad asses, and your welcome :)


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