Bruno – Review (kind of)

12 Sep 2009  10 Comments


After all the laughter most people enjoyed from Sacha Baron Cohen in Ali-G and Borat, i heard lots of things about Bruno. I was expecting it to push all limits of censorship and be very politically incorrect. So last night about 8 guys sat down to watch it. After laughing at a few of the opening scenes it did prove to be pushing the envelope in all aspects. From graphic nudity to all kinds of political incorrectness. But alot of it may have been unnecessary,  because it got repitious. If thats not your thing, you will find yourself looking at the screen in disgust over and over again. After less than half an hour, only 2 guys remained, as the other 6 decided to play kout. 10 minutes after that no one remained in front of the tv and Bruno was switched off. Maybe the scene with Bruno and his midget friend was kind of funny (very graphic), and the scenes with “Hamas” also gave most a few laughs. Besides that it was just alot of naked guys doing lots of gay things. 


Watch at your own risk.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ 

Important information of the Day : Swine Flu vaccination may arrive in Kuwait within the next 10-14 days. Also, the World Health Organization (WHO), have urged nations infected/affected by swine flu to postpone or cancel school years.

They Are Opening in “Al-Khaitan”

12 Sep 2009  2 Comments

I ran across this poster the other day when I was getting some pizza for sohoor from Caesar’s, Surra branch.

The funny thing is, Khaitan is written correctly in english (no AL) , but wrongly in arabic.

Either way you gotta love Caesars pizza :)


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