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13 Sep 2009  3 Comments


Ever dropped your cell phone in water? Ever had to replace an iPod because of battery problems? How about spilling liquid on a laptop? These, and many other everyday nuisances occur to us all the time. And we usually end up fully replacing the ‘defected’ object. But wait, I read this article on MSN and it seemed very helpful for alot of these problems. Even stuff like reviving a stuck LCD panel are included. Check out the article right here.

Random Information of the Day : So there was the dotcom bubble, then in Kuwait we had the Sushi bubble and currently we are experiencing the cupcake/cookie bubble. But did you know that our last “bubble” (sushi and sashimi) is in the top 5 list of most foods to contain parasites? Some foods to ponder over here.

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  • DVLz

    ” stuck LCD panel “. stuck where and how exactly? LOL J/K

    The most important thing is how to revive your hard drive, everything else can be fixed easily but not damn hdds.

  • M!

    Here we go again! i know your not talking about the Iphone… but whats up with the subliminal messages… Fix It with a pic of an iphone with a bad protective sticker on the back.. trying to be sneaky ha ; ) look yes Mr.Kitco is part of the chosen ones now and just like his Kitco addiction we got him good and addicted to his iphone too hahaha btw you can join the group too the hero is a good phone but you know you bought the phone way too early and it needs time to develop hahaha we all forgive you, you can join us we dont hate.

    Hate Hate Hate

    • Triple-A

      M! : read the article. they do talk about the iphone and ipods.


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