Travis Pastrana & MTV’s Nitro Circus

15 Sep 2009  5 Comments

A spin-off from Jackass, Nitro Circus is based around Travis Pastrana, who is an X-games legend. Created partly by Johnny Knoxville, and into the second season of his show, this is a video of Travis jumping out of a plane with no parachute and just a can of RedBull and shorts.

He says, “I hope this stuff works” after his sip of Redbull and jumps out of the plane.

Random Information of the Day : Remember Rodney King back in 1991 getting assaulted by 2 white cops? “Seventeen years, a criminal trial and a $3m legal settlement later, King has put himself back in harm’s way, agreeing to go toe-to-toe with a notoriously aggressive cop through the colourful medium of celebrity boxing.”


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  • Tabz

    :|:|:|:| WT THE HECK?!!!!! NO SERIOUSLY :|:| Oh good gracious god :| speechless :|

  • Mr. Kitco

    i love this show its really cool i think all guys should watch Nitro Circus , Its insane.

  • elwehbi

    Creatively insane!

  • DMQ

    cool, creative and craaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzy

  • N

    I hate Redbull.


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