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Ask any guy and he will tell you Mike Tyson is awesome. Ask any boxing fan and they will tell you he is arguably pound for pound the best fighter to ever step inside the ring. Ask anyone and they will also tell you Mike Tyson is a pyscho. This documentary will only validate all those points, but in ways many you could never have imagined. The way he talks is funny, they way he chokes up and cries is funny , and the way he can flick a switch and become a madman is funny. All in their own pyschotic way. But make no mistake, he was a vicious fighter and a flammable personality. There is a classic scene when he gets out of prison and a reporter says he “should be in a straight-jacket”; triggering Mike Tyson to let off one of the most absurd and bone-shattering verbal tirades i have ever heard. A roller coaster of emotions from his highs and depths of his lows, which spanned his career. You will feel sorry for him, and you will regret that you never got to see more of him. A great documentary, even for non-boxing fans. Check out the trailer below.

Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆ 

Random facts from IMDB :

To gage what effect “Tyson” would have on audiences, James Toback asked the opinions of the film’s opposite demographic: older white women who were disinterested in boxing. He asked that they come to his editing suite and watch the film. If they left after 5 minutes, Toback would give them $100 USD. If they stayed after 5 minutes, they would have to stay for the whole picture – and give Toback extensive feedback on the film. According to Toback, not one woman left after 5 minutes, and many were in tears by the film’s finale.

“Tyson” received only one distribution offer during its run on the festival circuit, from Sony Classics Pictures. After Toback accepted the offer, the film screened at the Cannes Film Festival and received a 10 minute standing ovation. Many of the executives who initially passed on the film were at that screening.

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  • DMQ

    I didn’t know he had that many kids (alot for a pyscho), however i feel sorry for him, i think he went through alot and he is a daaaaaaaaaaaamn good boxer

    • http://uptill1.com Triple-A

      i didnt know he had that many kids either, i know that one of the younger ones died in a treadmill accident sometime last year.

  • http://stormintcup.wordpress.com/ Miss Good Egg

    lol I remember the ear chewing incident. It was hilarious :D

  • http://uptill1.com N

    MGE: he must have been hungry during the match and wanted a snack :-)

  • http://miznah.blogspot.com/ Miznah

    I know general info about Mike, but I LOVED his role in “the Hangover”.. loool

    • http://uptill1.com Triple-A

      seriously that was a funny role, the punch after the phil collins-style drumming was classic!

  • Bashar

    Hmm.. Never thought abt such documentary.

  • http://brakebanzeen.wordpress.com elwehbi

    Mike Tyson was one of the greatest fighters I had ever seen growing up! What ruined it for me was when he was going to fight Lennox Lewis and threatened to “eat his children”. What’s up with that????

    • http://uptill1.com Triple-A

      elwehbi when you see the documentary you will understand alot of questions we all had about tyson’s debatable actions, its seriously a good and revealing documentary.

      • http://brakebanzeen.wordpress.com elwehbi

        need to see it then!

  • davidlp47

    Tyson el mas grande lejos!!! gracias myke por todo
    siempre vas a estar en nuestros corazones
    Desde Argentina con amor por TYSON


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