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Will they, won’t they, They will sell, no they won’t. Some of the worlds most powerful men going head to head. Or is it just a figment of people’s imagination? With so much riding on this deal, its taking a toll on everyone. From the biggest investor, to that little guy who put all his savings into this deal. The rumours are endless, the names keep coming up and companies keep on coming out with statements in newspapers, and then their official spokespeople deny them. Let’s just hope it ends soon. The stock market is being affected, everyone with shares is being affected, and its put everyone in a bad mood. Just get it over with and make it “a wonderful world.”

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  • DMQ

    This is by far the best post i have read regarding this mysterious deal. It is so true, the Kuwaiti economy is getting affected and will get affected even more when we know will they or wont they Sell. INZAIN MAKE IT A WONDERFUL WORLD!!!!

  • elwehbi

    It’s all part of a bigger picture playing way above our heads. Unfortunately, the little guys will have to wait around until something real materializes, and in turn, the little guy will eat the dirt off of what could potentially be a non-existent deal.

    We’ll have to just wait and see.


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