Maldives Under Water Cabinet Meeting

18 Oct 2009  4 Comments


Anyone who has been to the Maldives will rave on about the crystal clear blue oceans, the amazing diving and the most luxurious of resorts in the world. Boasting the worlds first “under sea restaraunt” , they now can also add the first under water cabinet meeting as well.

The Maldivian president and ministers held the world’s first underwater cabinet meeting on Saturday, in a symbolic cry for help over rising sea levels that threaten the tropical archipelago’s existence.


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  • elwehbi

    What I would do to take a dive in that water right now!!

  • Miss Good Egg

    lol That’s funny. elwehbi I second that. I’d give anything to go there right now and just relax.

  • Gdjcjgcjf

    hush hush

  • sup wigger

    no no have piece of cheese baby


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