Aramex Customs Headache Resolved !

27 Oct 2009  3 Comments


All Aramex customers have received the following e-mail with some sort of a relief.

“Hello Shop&Shippers!

We understand it’s been a rough week for all of you, but finally, Kuwait Customs’ policy has cleared up, and we’re happy to say that online shopping is about to become more fun than ever!

So here’s the bottom line: regardless of the goods value, all shipments are subject to customs clearance. We’ll clear all shipments in one bundle, and pay the charged customs duties accordingly. You read correctly; it’s on us!

In this case, you will only endure the following charges:

  • 1 KD handling charges
  • 5% of order value for Kuwait Customs duties (applicable only to orders valued above $100 USD)

However, self-clearance option is no longer available for our customers. You can contact us at [+ 965 1 820011] for further details.

Happy online shopping!

Your friends at Shop&Ship,”

BUT this will not eliminate the delay caused by the customs, I’ve been waiting since Oct 15th for a shipment to be cleared by them !

Update: I received my shipment yesterday costing 8.7 KD for 3.65 lbs package ! This is less than the expected cost after customs !

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  • DVLz

    Heema it’s normal if your shipment get delayed. I ordered few supplements and it was held by customs for 3 weeks. A friend of mine had the same problem but his order contained few t-shirts.

  • Marzouq

    We are getting ridiculous delays with everything they are doing! I think they need to streamline the process, and its not that people aren’t willing to pay the fees, they are just getting annoyed with such a slow process and Customs should be 24 hours not just 4 hours a day!

    • Triple-A

      i agree, sometimes you dont even order something you might just to avoid the whole hassle and delay.


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