A Blast From The Past: عوض دوخي – صوت السهارى

27 Nov 2009  No Comments

I know I just recently posted a song by “عوض دوخي” but due to this occasion, I had to post another

This is a true classic, I never get tired listening to it. عيدكم مبارك :)

صوت السهارى يوم
مرّوا عليّا
عصريّة العيد
آبطا ركابه وراح
يسأل عليّا
عصريّة العيد

ساعة ماشفتو أنا
بالي إنشغل ويّاه
أقضيت ليلي بهنا
وأصبحت أعدّ خطاه

ياللّي بغيت بعيد
اليوم ذا يوم عيد
عيدك و عيدي أنا

كلّي أمل القاك
متشوّقة لرؤياك
لوين أنا أطراك

والقلب صار مشغول
والعين تطول و تقول
صدّك حرام يطول

أبكي سنين وايام
ليلي ونهاري ظلام
من فرقتك ماانام

اتمنّى يوم المنى
ساعة صفاك والهنا

Mininova Goes Legit

26 Nov 2009  6 Comments


I just read that Miniova, one of the biggest torrenting websites is deleting all its infringing torrents and going completely legal.


N on Qortuba Valley

25 Nov 2009  6 Comments

I’ve been contacted by Qortuba Valley last week asking me to be a guest in their weekly interview sessions. Ofcourse I accepted and the interview is up on their blog.


I would like to thank Qourtuba Valley’s team for the great work they are doing with these interviews. Keep up the good work guys.

My Limited Edition Xbox 360 is Finally Here

22 Nov 2009  7 Comments

Xbox 360 - Modern Warfare 2 Limited Edition box

I placed an order for this the day it came out (Nov. 10th) it arrived in my Aramex mailbox on the 12th, and then, no activity for more than a week. i was checking my Aramex account daily but it was still showing that my package is shipped but it didn’t pop up anywhere.

Xbox 360 - Modern Warfare 2 Limited Edition content

Yesterday, out of the blue, when I was with my kids in the Clinic, my brother called me and told me that Aramex are at the door and they want 60 KD, and he didn’t have cash on him. The problem is I didn’t get a SMS notifying me of the package being delivered and I checked the day before my online account and didn’t see anything.

Anyway, glad I have my new 360, Time for some MW2

A Blast From The Past: أحمد الجميري – شويخ من أرض مكناس

20 Nov 2009  1 Comment

شويخ من أرض مكناس وسط الأسواق يغني … وشعلي أنا من الناس وش على الناس مني
أش عليه ياصاحب من جميع الخلايق … أفعل الخير تنجو وأتبعه للحقايق
لا تقل يابني كلمه إلا إن كنت صادق … خذ كلامي في قرطاس وأكتبه حرز عني

أش علي أنا من الناس وش على الناس مني

ثم قولُ مبينُ ولا يحتاج عباره … أش على حد من حد أفهموا بلإشاره
أنظروا كبر سني والعصا والغراره … هكذا عشت في فاس وكذا هون هوني

أش علي أنا من الناس وش على الناس مني

وما أحسن كلامه أذا يخطر في الأسواق … تره للحوانيت يلفتوله بالأعناق
الغراره في عنقه وعكيكز وعكاز … كويس مبني على ساس كما أنشاء الله مبني

أش علي أنا من الناس وش على الناس مني

ياإلهي رجوتك جود علينا بتوبه … بالنبي قد سألتك والكرام الأحبه
الرجيف قد شغلني وأنا معه بنشبه … قد ملى قلبي وسواس مما هو يبغي مني

أش علي أنا من الناس وش على الناس مني

شويخ من أرض مكناس وسط الأسواق يغني … وشعلي أنا من الناس وش على الناس

“Unfriend” is the 2009 Word of the Year

19 Nov 2009  1 Comment


According to the Oxford American Dictionary, the word of the year for 2009 is “unfriend”. Keeping up with tech nature of this time and age, they have selected this word which is used in most social networking sites such as Facebook for the word of 2009. It beat out words such as “netbook”, “hashtag” and “sexting” to win the prize.

link CNN

I Can Transform Ya

19 Nov 2009  4 Comments

With Transformer fever at a pitch high, i leave you with some actual and some may be not real life transformers.



For more including iPOD docks, more cars, USB’s and more phones continue reading after the break. Continue Reading

Hexatech F1 Simulator

18 Nov 2009  10 Comments


I saw this at a blog i have been reading for a while, Eleventh-St, and i think it is the car enthusiasts answer to microsoft’s flight simulator. Its worth £120,000 and will use either three 42 inch screens or stereo projectors. Among other things, it will recreate the g-forces felt in a real f1 car as accurately as possible. It is being marketed as not being a video game, i beg to differ. Maybe our friends at Gulfrun can make it part of their event for the future. Thanks Eleventh-St.



Miracle Whip vs. Stephen Colbert

18 Nov 2009  No Comments

Miracle Whip released a new ad campaign targeting mayonnaise making their product hip and cool. But Stephen Colbert didn’t like that one bit. He stood up for mayonnaise by by making his own mayo ad and airing it at his show. But that wasn’t the end of it.

The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
The Mayo-lution Will Not Be Televised
Colbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor U.S. Speedskating

Did Miracle Whip take it quietly? nope, their response might be the best response a corporation ever done in recent times to comedy shows. The just sent him a letter.

Click HERE for a larger image

Miracle Whip Team

Maybe they got their sense of humor from watching Family Guy :)

Cat Fight During A Football match

16 Nov 2009  6 Comments

I know that tensions get high when you are losing, but this is ridiculous. New Mexico’s defender, Elizabeth Lambert took it to a whole new level.


Horizon Travel

Al-Falah Car Wash




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