Swine Flu Vaccine – Do or Don’t?

9 Nov 2009  7 Comments


With all thats going on with Swine Flu around the world, and more importantly in Kuwait, we are all faced with a new dilemma. The vaccine is now available for the elderly and young, and those suffering certain health conditions. So the question is, do we take it? Do we give it to our kids? With viral emails and endless websites talking about the side effects, you really don’t know whats true and whats made up. There is a panel in the US set up to monitor the side-effects of the vaccine, you can read about it here. You can also check some of the side effects so far in this article. Kuwait’s Minister of Health, Dr. Hilal Al-Sayer has already taken the vaccine in order to release some of the anxiety faced by many people regarding its safety. Knowing his credibility, the majority will deny it was taken for “politics” in order to calm everyone down. It was a great step by him, but are the rest of us as brave to do the same for our loved ones?

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  • http://www.zdistrict.com Marzouq

    I will honestly opt out from take the vaccine because if I do get it then I can manage it.. its not uncureable but I wouldn’t want a vaccine that can cause problems..

  • http://stormintcup.wordpress.com/ Miss Good Egg

    Personally I think it’s a ploy to make big bucks. You read my posts about it and you know where I stand on this. When there are unfavorable aspects of the means that outweigh the cause then something is not quite right. No one knows about the side effects of those deadly active ingredients- their research extends to 5/10 years tops. The fact stands what we “currently” know about those active ingredients is bad, full stop.

    And for the record, 3 of my relatives tested positive for Swine Flu and 2 of them are below 12 years old. It was a pest, yes but it took 4 days to cure el7amdillah so if you’re healthy and free from any serious medical conditions and you have the ability to fight this disease, I don’t see why you should go and jab yourself.

  • http://brakebanzeen.wordpress.com elwehbi

    I am with Marzouq and Miss Good Egg on this issue. There hasn’t been enough research done on this vaccine which is truly scary. Why would we inject our kids and ourselves with something which hasn’t even had time to go through sufficient testing. I respect the fact that the Minister has taken the plunge, but I choose not to follow. Swine flu is not as bad as it sounds if it is nursed properly.

    God help us!

  • http://lendmeurear.wordpress.com lendmeurear

    And those who want to go to Hajj, they’re required to take the vaccine. I don’t what I will do.

  • Aurous

    I say don’t
    I don’t think it’s not FDA approved

    and unless you’re in a high risk group, then there is no reason why you would be afraid of getting the disease :)

  • http://www.eleventh-st.com/ eleventh.st

    I won’t take it for the fact that I hate shots, and will do anything possible to avoid one!

  • http://seriouselyx.wordpress.com seriouselyx

    its just a flue ppl, ow the vaccine is just too risky


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