How to Eat a Chicken Wing

10 Nov 2009  6 Comments

Thats too little too late.

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  • Salem

    wallah khoosh 7araka .. I hate bones! Thanks for sharing I will give it a try when I eat my chicken wings :D

    • N

      7ayyak allah :)

  • Mix

    The downer with chicken wings was always trying to get all the meat of the bone – but this bone removing technique is done with surgical precision !

  • Ansam

    LOL thanks for the top! I will try that one for sure!!!

  • Marzouq

    THAT LOOKS DAMN GOOD! I gotta get out of work! lol

  • lendmeurear

    Cool technique! I am not a chicken wing person myself; in fact I don’t eat anything with bones or skin. I don’t like to get my hands dirty or the slimy feel in my mouth. Ughhh just thinking about it makes me shudder. Many people told me I’m weird…


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