Cat Fight During A Football match

16 Nov 2009  6 Comments

I know that tensions get high when you are losing, but this is ridiculous. New Mexico’s defender, Elizabeth Lambert took it to a whole new level.

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  • Hashimoto


    ماقول الا ..

    وينه الحكم .. نايم ؟


    انشالله مو جذي تلعن ابو خامسها
    ويالله كرت اصفر

  • Marzouq

    Damn thats insanely rough!!! hathailiy meyaneeen! lol

    They take their game seriously!

  • elwehbi

    Is it wrong that I laughed when I saw this clip????

    On a serious note though, that chick has some major anger management issues!

  • N

    I forgot to mention in the article that she was suspended indefinitely.

  • Marzouq

    Nice suspended! She could probably beat up a few guys I know in a game! Luckily I’m bald! loooooooooooooooooool

  • iQais

    And that’s what the FIFA likes to call ” Fair Play ” .. ;p


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