Hexatech F1 Simulator

18 Nov 2009  10 Comments


I saw this at a blog i have been reading for a while, Eleventh-St, and i think it is the car enthusiasts answer to microsoft’s flight simulator. Its worth £120,000 and will use either three 42 inch screens or stereo projectors. Among other things, it will recreate the g-forces felt in a real f1 car as accurately as possible. It is being marketed as not being a video game, i beg to differ. Maybe our friends at Gulfrun can make it part of their event for the future. Thanks Eleventh-St.



Miracle Whip vs. Stephen Colbert

18 Nov 2009  No Comments

Miracle Whip released a new ad campaign targeting mayonnaise making their product hip and cool. But Stephen Colbert didn’t like that one bit. He stood up for mayonnaise by by making his own mayo ad and airing it at his show. But that wasn’t the end of it.

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Did Miracle Whip take it quietly? nope, their response might be the best response a corporation ever done in recent times to comedy shows. The just sent him a letter.

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Miracle Whip Team

Maybe they got their sense of humor from watching Family Guy :)


Horizon Travel

Al-Falah Car Wash




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