Miscelleanous Items – iPhone to Carbon Fiber to Red Eyes

3 Dec 2009  7 Comments

With the Carbon Fiber fad still coming on strong, and the iPhone fad even stronger, you can find this carbon fiber iPhone case at geeky-gadgets.com.


Buy it from here.

If you want to feel the ultimate carbon fiber wrapped around your body all day at the office, you have the Authentic Ferrari F360 Challenge Carbon FIber Office Chair.


If you have $8,000 dollars you dont know what to spend on, buy it from here.

Want to use your iPhone/iPod touch to control your TV, stereo, cable box, DVD, etc..?


Download the free app from the iTunes App Store and buy this hardware from here.

Want Android 2.1? Even weirder Carbon Fiber stuff? More than an iPhone case? Want to drive real fast but safe? Then read below.

Curious about Android 2.1? Free turn by turn Navigation on google maps? Are the Motorolla Droid and HTC Hero that great? Check the leak of Android 2.1 (unreleased) in the video below.

Here is the link.

Dont like carbon fiber, but love your iPhone? How about this case with phone screen protection, place for 6 credit cards and opening for charging point.


If you want this, you can buy it from here.

You want some more carbon fiber? You want to sit on but cant afford the office chair above?


Then this toilet seat is suited for you. Buy it from here.

Wanna drive your fast car real fast around a Grand Prix track but don’t want to be reckless on the streets?


Then join the Gulf Run. Check them out here.

Links :

www.malcolmfontier.com , www.carbonfibergear.com , www.geeky-gadgets.com , www.thinkflood.com , www.htcheroblog.com , www.thegulfrun.com

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  • Bo-shaikha

    Nice .. There were at least 4 things i wanted
    1. Red eye
    2. Carbon fiber toilet seat
    3. Gulf run
    4. The iphone wallet

  • http://www.uptill1.com triple-a

    the carbon fiber toilet is priceless, seriously that is a must buy.

  • M!

    I have them all as an app in my IPHONE!!!!

  • http://www.uptill1.com triple-a

    M! : gotta love the iphone, but i wont go as far as peeing on it or sitting on it for the toilet seat and office chair respectively… well at least thats my way of treating my smartphones. hahaha

  • http://brakebanzeen.wordpress.com elwehbi

    agreed: the carbon fiber toilet seat for me!!!!

  • http://www.zdistrict.com Marzouq

    GulfRun!!! I want to race right now! looool

    I want Android 2.01 for the Hero, I have sitting on my desk and I haven’t used it and I want to upgrade it then use it.. probably just an excuse not to use it right now! lol

  • http://iflipwallet.com/ iPhone Wallet

    Hahah! Carbon fiber toilet seat sounds relaxing. But seriously, investing on a nice protective case in our iPhone is a must.


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