Kick a Ginger Day!

7 Dec 2009  4 Comments

A redheaded sixth-grade girl victimized by a Facebook prank calling for students to participate in “Kick a Ginger Day” says she was scared that the incident could have gotten worse.


Sheriff’s investigators say the Facebook message may have been inspired by a “South Park” TV episode that satirized racial prejudice by portraying a campaign against red-haired, fair-skinned “ginger” people.

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Its incredible what you will come up with if you search for “kick a ginger”. Even Prince Harry’s girlfriend and colleagues give him a hard time by calling him big ginger!

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    looool thats funny!

  • Daniel Ford

    Typical American Retards using cartoons as a reason to HATE

    • Richard Gregg

      Typical kids taking a stupid joke too far. There’s no real hate involved.

  • Oakfosho

    i approve of kick a ginger day


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