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Last October, during the GITEX expo in Dubai, me and Heema where strolling through Dubai mall looking for Ms. Fields when we came across Fatburger. I was surprised because I haven’t heard that they opened in Dubai. And because we are burger junkies, we didn’t even think twice before standing in line to order.


After a 7-8 minute wait for our order and a 15 second eating session we came to this conclusion, Fatburger is easily the best fastfood burger place in the gulf I’ve tried so far, until Shake Shack opens that is.

I didn’t post about this earlier because I’ve lost my sony point-and-shot, that I got last April, and with it all my pics :/

Rating: ★★★★★★★★½☆ 

Ninja Assassin – Movie Review

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ninja assassin.jpg

I went to see Ninja Assassins yesterday at the Avenues during the Kazma vs Barcelona match. And as it turned out, I didn’t miss much.

Marzouq wrote a review on his blog that I couldn’t put it better my self, so I wont.

Check out the review at zdistrict.

Rating: ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆ 

Hot Tub Time Machine

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Its been a long time coming since the last idiotic time machine movie, remember Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure (& Bogus Journey)? But in those movies i doubt they were really acting as opposed to just being themselves. This is going to be on my to-watch list for 2010!

Games For Windows – First Impression

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Games For Windows

I downloaded the latest version of Games for Windows Live a couple of days ago and I was really impressed. I love the idea of a single account that you can use in cross-platform gaming. The only problem that I think with Games for Windows Live is the content. Its REALLY scarce, at the time of posting, there are only 14 full games you can download. The games available are not that great either, the best game in the bunch is RESIDENT EVIL 5 in my opinion.


I really hope they would add more content so that it would give services like Steam a run for its money.

Download Games for Windows Live here.

And again, my gamertag is uptill1, feel free to add me :)


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