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The Shishavac™ is the innovative, world-class appliance that every narghile aficionado loves to own. This designer, multi-tasking machine allows you to effortlessly start your pipe in seconds, burn charcoal neatly and safely and most importantly, effectively clean your narghile hose, which means a cleaner, healthier, more fulfilling smoke. The Shishavac™ conveniently integrates all these functions into a user-friendly, instrumental household appliance.

For all those shisha, hukkah, argeelah, narghile , bong, whatever you wanna call it junkies, this is the ultimate luxury solution for the lazy or inexperienced! Check out the video here.

Thanks M!

James Bond Re-Runs

28 Dec 2009  4 Comments

Ian Fleming created his legacy, and it continues until current times. I don’t think there is a person who doesn’t enjoy 007 in general. Showmovies Action have recently been putting re-runs of all the Bond movies and anytime i see them on i have to start watching. Probably the worst Bond movies were Pierce Brosnan’s even though he had potential to play the part. And maybe the worst casted Bond was Timothy Dalton. Sean Connery and Roger Moore were great, though I am enjoying Daniel Craig in this new role. He has given Bond a new refreshing and “badass” feel. Gotta love those Bond movies.

Gorilla in your Bed

28 Dec 2009  4 Comments

What is this best thing to do if you find a gorilla in your bed?

Sleep somewhere else.

Avatar IMAX 3D Now Showing *UPDATED*

28 Dec 2009  11 Comments


I didn’t realize this earlier, but it seems that the problem that cinescape had with their projectors is fixed. I was checking the website freqently but when I saw the message above, I assoumed it was the notice that the 3D version is not showing. It’s not until I saw “Avatar IMAX 3D” in the dropdown menu that I realized that they are showing it.

Seems that my plans for Dubai are on hold at the moment.


Just saw the movie in 360 Mall. I really enjoyed it, and also recommend it. I didn’t feel the need of the 3D version, hardly saw any 3D scenes. It’s worth going there just for the IMAX experience.

Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆ 


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