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The Shishavac™ is the innovative, world-class appliance that every narghile aficionado loves to own. This designer, multi-tasking machine allows you to effortlessly start your pipe in seconds, burn charcoal neatly and safely and most importantly, effectively clean your narghile hose, which means a cleaner, healthier, more fulfilling smoke. The Shishavac™ conveniently integrates all these functions into a user-friendly, instrumental household appliance.

For all those shisha, hukkah, argeelah, narghile , bong, whatever you wanna call it junkies, this is the ultimate luxury solution for the lazy or inexperienced! Check out the video here.

Thanks M!

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  • His

    The video ad …

    I love it

    • Triple-A

      yeah they did a pretty good job, its not a bad ad at all!

  • khalid

    ybeelah wa7da
    thanks 4 the post!

  • N

    haha, 7elwa “which means a cleaner, healthier, more fulfilling smoke” oooh the irony


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