Portable Speakers: iHome Mini Vs. X-Mini II *UPDATE*

29 Dec 2009  5 Comments


A few weeks ago, both Frankom and Qortuba posted about 2 different models of portable speakers, the iHome and the X-mini II. And because I’ve got both models I thought I might do a comparison.

The iHome is a 2 speakers that has a cool storage mechanism, and and they are a bit smaller than the X-mini II (see picture above). And because its 2 speakers you get stereo sound.


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The Good Old Days – WIMPY

29 Dec 2009  8 Comments


After reading Ansam’s post a few days ago about her having  WIMPY for lunch, I immediately wanted to get some. The last time I had a Wimpy burger was ages ago, I also managed to talk the guys in the Diwaniya into ordering with me.

We all ordered the quarter pounder w/egg, its not the best burger in the world but it has a distinct taste to it, it really brought back memories, not all good, not all good but still memories. I will most definitely be having some again soon.

Wimpy - The Original Burger Since 1954

You can find Wimp’s menu and contact information here


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