Portable Speakers: iHome Mini Vs. X-Mini II *UPDATE*

29 Dec 2009  5 Comments


A few weeks ago, both Frankom and Qortuba posted about 2 different models of portable speakers, the iHome and the X-mini II. And because I’ve got both models I thought I might do a comparison.

The iHome is a 2 speakers that has a cool storage mechanism, and and they are a bit smaller than the X-mini II (see picture above). And because its 2 speakers you get stereo sound.


The X-mini II on the other hand is a bit larger single speaker, so you don’t have stereo sound as an option but one thing going for it. It has the 3.5mm cable attached to it, so you couldn’t even forget the cable. so it looks much smarter and cleaner.


Unlike the iHome speakers, which you have to remember to pack the 3.5mm to micro USB cable, cause if you don’t, they are worthless. Plus when connected their cable system is a bit messy.


So, after using my speakers for a while (the iHome for almost a year and the X-Mini for 3 months) I came to this conclusion:

The X-mini very good neat speaker that would suffice for most users, that sounds pretty good. I would use it mainly for short outings and for my ipod, bear in mind the the built-in cable is very short, so if you have your ipod on a dock your speaker will be hanging from it.

The iHome on the other hand is a more for long travels, and use for a laptop on a desk rather than on the go, and for your ipod’s speakerless dock.

Both speakers have a built-in rechargeable battery that would last roughly 5 hours, but you can use the iHome speakers individually and the would last twice as long.


The iHome Mini Speakers costs about $40 from Amazon and available in different colors.

The X-mini II costs $30 at Amazon and comes in one color.


I’ve been contacted by someone from X-MINI telling me that the iHome mini is a re-branded X-MINI MAX, so both speakers are from the same company. Check out their website for more cool portable speakers.

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  • http://Frankom Frankom

    Does my speaker has a battery !
    i was not aware of this information before coz i just plug it in and thats it !

  • http://Uptill1.com N

    It’s a built-in nn-removable battery, so you charge it by plugging it to a USB socket. If your speakers are anything like the iHome ones

  • http://www.x-mini.com Frederick

    Nice comparison with our X-mini II Capsule Speaker and the iHome Stereo Capsule Speaker. Just for your further information, iHome was actually co-branded with X-mini & Xmi Pte Ltd 2 years ago to bring in the stereo speakers that you were comparing in this blog. As you can see, we have trademarked the Capsule Speaker (TM) and only through that did we allow iHome to sell into the US market.

    Check out our website on http://www.x-mini.com and see the similarities of our X-mini MAX Capsule Speaker to the iHome Stereo ones.

    If you need future review samples, I’d be glad to supply you with them.

    Warmest regards,
    Frederick Yao
    (65) 9152 4545

  • kieram

    What about a sound comparison between the two speakers?

  • katline hunt

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