Smule’s “I Am T-Pain” Contest Winner

30 Dec 2009  No Comments

I’m talkin on my bluetooth
Makin’ deals and shit
No cords are clashin
So my hands are free to knit

Warning the below video contains some explicit lyrics.

For slower connections click here for the lower resolution video.

I posted a while back about the I Am T-Pain app and how it was taking the iTunes app store by storm. Well the company who made it, Smule, had come up with a contest and were giving away a $5,000 prize to the winner. The video above called “Im on the Phone” is the winner, even though i know some people who did pretty good songs, but i guess they never won because they didnt have a music video to go along!

Directed by Michael and Christiano Covino. Shot by Alex Marazzo and Sam Kretchmar

Breaking into a Retired Boxer’s Home.

30 Dec 2009  6 Comments

I know this is kind of old but you gotta enjoy this kind of news!

This is the before and after pic above of the 23 year old who broke into the home of 71 year old pensioner and ex-boxer Frank Corti. He must have thought he was taking candy from a baby, but ended up leaving looking like he was in the ring with Mike Tyson. Frank Corti below, took matters into his own hands when he was asleep and heard some noise in his home, the robber who had a knife with him, was pounded by the 5ft 5inches of Frank until the police arrived! Good job grandpa!

link and image from The Sun

The 2009 Badass of the year award definitely goes out to Frank Corti for the uppercuts and jabs he let loose on the thief-turned-victim.

Egyptian vs Kuwait Wedding

30 Dec 2009  11 Comments

I made a quick 2 day trip to Cairo last weekend to attend a wedding. It wasnt the first time i attended an Egyptian wedding but it put into perspective the differences between weddings in Kuwait and weddings in Egypt for instance. From the beginning of the wedding procession or “zaffa” , the bride and groom were dancing all the way down with each other, and friends and family would effortlessly jump into the circle with them and do the same. They were also surrounded by a band with their drums and instruments, as well as 2 dancers with candlestick headpieces doing a balancing act while vigorously “shaking it”. It wasnt only down the aisle, it was from outside the ballroom and this whole process was about 30 minutes long as they would take their time and stop in certain places. Everyone was ecstatic and having a great time and there was no alcohol being served, it was just a natural high. Inside, the party and dancing continued til the early hours of the morning. Women/ladies with head scarfs were dancing without a second thought, and the bride and groom also pitched in. Men, women, and children were on the dance floor and some people did not stop the whole night. It is always a fun experience to go to a wedding like this. I dont remember the bride and groom sitting down for more than 15 minutes which was to take some pictures with friends and family. Now we go to a Kuwaiti wedding. For the men it is like you are giving your condolences. You walk in and shake hands usually with the father of groom, groom himself, and the father of the bride. Sometimes you just do that and walk out. Other times you hang around and mingle, some have dinner and then you leave. If you stay from beginning to end its a whopping (sarcasm intended) 2 hours to 2 hours and a half. The women in Kuwaiti weddings do their part of dancing in their respective weddings, but for most the time the bride is sitting down just watching and snapping shots.  Its a big difference, but what i felt is that the bride, groom and invitees, were all having a lot of fun in Cairo, as it is more of an obligation to go give your blessings in a Kuwait wedding than a source of fun. This is in relation to the traditional segregated weddings in Kuwait of course. “To each his own.”


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