Breaking into a Retired Boxer’s Home.

30 Dec 2009  6 Comments

I know this is kind of old but you gotta enjoy this kind of news!

This is the before and after pic above of the 23 year old who broke into the home of 71 year old pensioner and ex-boxer Frank Corti. He must have thought he was taking candy from a baby, but ended up leaving looking like he was in the ring with Mike Tyson. Frank Corti below, took matters into his own hands when he was asleep and heard some noise in his home, the robber who had a knife with him, was pounded by the 5ft 5inches of Frank until the police arrived! Good job grandpa!

link and image from The Sun

The 2009 Badass of the year award definitely goes out to Frank Corti for the uppercuts and jabs he let loose on the thief-turned-victim.

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  • DMQ

    LOOL this is soo funny, i was actually glad and happy to see this 23 year old guy busted. Grandpa did a great job :)

  • lendmeurear

    thumbs up old man!

  • Miss Good Egg

    I laughed so much! I can just imagine the scene at his house!!! :D

  • N

    I remember reading this a while back, but forgot how old the guy was. damn 71…kudos

  • Q80 In Denver

    LOL 3ajeeB .. Badda3 el shaiBa :P

  • Shli7f

    LOL, this is classic..>EHhEH, can’t stop laughing….ROCK ON GRAMPS.!!!


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