Kuwait’s “lets forget 2009″ List

6 Jan 2010  17 Comments

On a more candid note after my post about 2009, somethings that might have been around before 2009, but may have gotten slightly out of hand.

Number 1 : RIM’s breakthru into the Kuwaiti market with their Blackberry’s. Its hard to have a conversation with an owner of these devices without being interrupted by furiously rapid texting or beeps emerging from the phone. Do they realize they can have the same data plan with any smartphone and use any social networking/chatting program to the same effect?

Click below for the rest of 2009′s lets forget list.

Number 2 : Swarovski covered cars, especially for the guys. I may understand a girl (maybe not even a grown lady) doing this, but when a guy goes and takes his SUV and bling bling’s it all out with the glittery type crystals, thats just uncalled for. Of course at the same time, in a similair parallel universe to where they live in, they continue the “lets-chrome-the sh*t-out-of-my-car” attitude as well. Some people need to be told that we dont live in a rap video.

Number 3 : This one is more complex, and needs dividing into different parts. Its a mix between the spikey, blow dried hair, and the i-wanna-be-david-beckham look. This follows of course the max-the-crap-out-my-scalp-with-gel fad a few years back. Male hairstyles have gotten out of head, use any mall restroom and you will find all the pushing and shoving around the mirror areas with people puffing up their hair and putting subtle touches. There is nothing subtle about your hairstyles.

Of course the bulk of it has come from a single culprit. Able to twist the minds of our youth into the biggest and loudest as well as the weirdest hairstyles…. the discovery of the hair dryer!

Number 4 : Our beautiful ladies were determined not be outdone by this bold move from the masculine side, so they introduced the alien hijab. I have heard they place yoghurt cups inside to hold the position, my conscience doest want to believe that. They would have made Dan Aykroyd and Co. in Coneheads proud. Behold the masterpieces to come.

Number 5 : Facebook. When your boss at work is a 50 year old man with no tech/social networking background and adds you as a friend to Facebook, then something is acutely wrong. I dont see you or talk to you outside of work, why would i want to be your buddy on facebook?  The social networking scene in Kuwait has boomed in 2009 along with the hair styles.

This post is in no way meant to offend any of our readers or anyone, else….. alien or human that is. 



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  • Xol Ieyocoe

    I must say here in planet Xolixzenitorimentrum we are big fans of your Blog, We love how elementary you earthlings are … so MiFi is a big thing now? :) I remember when my son Xol jr. made one for a school project. Anyhow, I thought I should comment about the new Hijab look you had posted I must say very impressive! I love the look! Just like “Go’j Oopaezo” head do :) She is like your umm let’s say Angelina Jolie. I must applause to how far away you earthlings are with technology from us, but so close with the fashion world!
    Greetings from Xolixzenitorimentrum.

    P.S. No we are not offended :)

    • http://www.uptill1.com triple-a

      hahahaha now i know people with a sense of humor still exist! greetings from planet earth ! :)

  • http://www.eleventh-st.com/ eleventh.st


    great post!

    let’s hope 2010 will bring us more things to laugh about!

    • http://uptill1.com N

      I’m already laughing :/

  • http://www.puddleofred.com/blog/ Faris

    Lol! Great post!

  • Jr.

    Classic Triple A!

  • http://www.touchofmeh.com bood

    hahahha amazing

  • Zidaneoo

    Great post (as usual) :)

  • http://kuwaitchess.net taroooq

    nice post!
    i will forget 2009 big timeeeeeeeeee :)

  • http://www.zdistrict.com Marzouq

    My first comment is about the bag in the Kitchen! Lol! I can see the stove! hehehe!

    I hate teh Swarovski stuff, it drives me nuts! Looks so ugly, swarovski anything!

    The tubulor hijabs are insane as well!!!

    • http://uptill1.com Triple-A

      hahaha yeah i thought it was a weird photo as well, i didnt really have much time to google for a better image!

  • http://www.q80mix.com Mix

    Number 1 is more annoying than the other four put together !! Great list!

    • http://uptill1.com Triple-A

      it was also probably the biggest “new” thing in 2009, only if RIM had stocks in the kuwaiti stock market…..

  • http://brakebanzeen.com elwehbi

    A fun read looool


  • http://lendmeurear.wordpress.com lendmeurear

    Allah yisma3 minnik! I’d say that numbers 3 and 4 are the ones that I desperately want to go away and never ever come back!

    • http://uptill1.com Triple-A

      hehe there are probably many more we would want to get rid of, but hey, some people must be enjoying them!

  • Johann Seldum

    About the first I totally agree its really annoying talking to an owner of a blackberry
    About the 3rd – its an emo punk style its not a cross between beckham or whatever and its much better than the gansta rap style. its been there for ages and i mean ages


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